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  • 3 Simple Ways To Improve Conversions For Your PPC Campaigns

    … Let's dive into this article by answering to a simple but silly question. Good Better Best What do you prefer? I am guessing you are assuming this question as a silly one. However, there are so many folks out there who are making a mistake while starting their Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign by maintaining the wrong metrics. Giving power…

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  • 3 Hotel PPC Campaigns To Get You Up & Running

    … Hotel PPC campaigns can seem intimidating at first. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful. This is why so many people are weary of trying out paid search. Once you get the hang of it, you realize that there’s potential for fantastic ROI. Below are a few tips to get your PPC account up and running. If you have no knowledge…

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  • How to Optimize PPC Campaigns for a B2B Marketing Strategy

    … Although search campaigns tend to have higher conversion rates than other advertising avenues, it is also important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. If search is working really well for you, then chances are eventually your competitors are going to come across those same search terms and drive up the cost per click, which in turn drives…

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  • 12 Days of PPC: Using Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Your Brand

    … advertising, and to make the most of your PPC campaigns, we’ve compiled a list of 12 things to consider integrating into your strategy during the days leading up to Christmas. These can improve the effectiveness of your efforts throughout the holiday season, as well as the other 353 days of the year. 1. New Account Structure Drive better results…

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  • The 10 Worst Times to Launch PPC Campaigns

    … your new AdWords campaigns. Or is it? Launching a campaign just because it is done or you established an arbitrary deadline is not a path to fast success. It’s the road to unnecessary stress. Stressing out over launching campaigns went away for me once I established ground rules for launching PPC Campaigns. Today, I want to share these rules…

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  • Powerful Insight: A SimilarWeb.com Review [Sponsored]

    … competitors’ sites. The program will show you who is getting more PPC traffic versus organic, as well as their PPC campaigns and keywords. Basically, every report you can see for your site you can now see compared next to your competition. Online Traffic Results of the Ice Bucket Challenge for the ALS Website SimilarWeb Pro is not just an SEO tool…

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