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    • 6 Questions Ask Yourself Before Implementing PPC Campaign

      6 Questions Ask Yourself Before Implementing PPC Campaign Pay per click (PPC) campaign can have both positive and negative impact while promoting a business. Especially, when running low on marketing budget, you have to ensure that all the queries surrounding PPC campaigns have been solved before the actual implementation.

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  • 5 Tips To Stay Organized Through The Holidays And Beyond

    … doesn’t LOVE that feel of crossing something off after it has been completed? If you are looking for online project management tools, here are a few: 2) Have A Calendar? It’s More Than A Meeting Planner Once you have your to-do list written out, use your calendar to help set reminders for when items should be completed or sent to your client…

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  • How To Transition Between PPC Managers

    … to this transition and a lack of attention. Give them lots of extra attention so they don’t feel abandoned. Also, outline the reasons for the poor performance, so they truly understand where your focus is and that you have a plan. Read more in the full white paper: How To Transition Between PPC Managers Be Supportive After the new account manager has…

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  • How Football Shaped My Philosophy Regarding PPC

    … PPC to me is a lot like football. Building successful paid search accounts requires a well-defined philosophy for approaching account work, a strong game plan, and solid execution of the plan you spent all that time creating. Football coaches subscribe to either an offensive or defensive philosophy. Offensive minded coaches believe in high…

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  • Forget Quick-Wins! Build Towards and Then Sustain Great Performance!

    … in the end. For the football team, that means a victory. For the PPC professional (and for the uncomfortable forcing of this continued metaphor), that means maintaining a healthy account and growing performance. Here are a few steps that every account manager should be taking on a weekly or bi-weekly basis that will help assure you’re always…

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  • Learn How To Fight Click And Conversion Fraud

    … want to attract attention by having click volume appear out of the ordinary. Conversion fraudsters want to fly ‘under the radar’ so they can commit their fraudulent conversion activities without being tracked back to a specific website or IP address and excluded. Two places where conversion fraud commonly occurs are in the Bing Search Partner…

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  • 2015 Prediction: The Year of Bid and Budget Automation

    … to automate bid management, these rules are a great alternative to manual bidding. Example of Google’s bid rule interface AdWords Scripts: AdWords scripts are bits of java code that can be implemented into AdWords accounts to automate account functions. Scripts are available that allow bidding by specific ad position, by factors such as weather…

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  • Managing an Education PPC Account. What You Need to Know

    … in how conversions are analyzed. Today were going to discuss these hurdles and what can be done to overcome them. Compliance Regulations Have Limited the Use of Some Standard PPC Best Practices. Prior to 2011, almost anything could have been promised in an ad. Regulations now specifically state schools cannot say anything that implies making…

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  • 5 Inherent Qualities of Great PPC Specialists

    … There are people in every industry who we look up to, who set the bar for excellence and are pioneers in the field. They are remarkable at their craft, but they also inspire others. Brad Geddes, Melissa Mackey, and David Szetela are just a few of the PPC specialists who have always inspired me to be better. Great PPC specialists have certain…

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  • Spotlight on Fixed Fee Agency PPC Management

    … Last month I covered the different types of fee models that a marketing manager or business owner would likely encounter when searching for which PPC management agency to use. These included performance and spend based fees versus fixed fee and self-management. This month I want to expand on the benefits, limitations and usefulness of using…

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  • Is Your PPC Payment Model Working For You?

    … and if possible, is Google Partners qualified. Although having someone in-house may save you some money on management fees, if you have a large PPC account, be prepared for when that experienced person decides to leave your company, the management will likely stop when it really needs to be run continuously. Fixed Fee Agency Management A high percentage…

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  • 5 Tips For Better PPC Lead Quality

    … Lead generation can be a tricky game when it comes to PPC. In eCommerce, someone purchases a product and revenue is immediately generated from that conversion or sale. When focusing on lead gen, the initial conversions can be deceiving because while you may generate 20 leads, maybe only 2 convert into revenue, sale or whatever your final action…

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  • 3 Steps To Quickly Reduce PPC Spend with Minimal Conversion Loss

    … No matter your PPC budget it's important to optimize your account so funds are being spent efficiently to bring in conversions. Even taking this approach, we've all been in the situation where clients need to cut spend dramatically. After explaining that conversion volume will drop with the decrease in spend, you need to come up with a game plan…

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  • Now Accepting PPC Hero Guest Bloggers

    … Hello PPC Heroes and Heroines! As we grow our writing team we are also looking for guest bloggers. If you've ever been interested in writing for PPC Hero now is your chance. If you believe you have something great to write please contact me at matt.umbro@hanapinmarketing.com. All emails should include: Happy writing…

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