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    • Google Announces Ecommerce Partnerships For Shopping

      October 19, 2016 Last year, Google introduced several new features to improve Shopping campaigns during the busy holiday season. These included RLSA for PLAs/Local Inventory ads and other Product Group and bidding features to ease advertisers’ Q4 qualms. This year, managing Shopping campaigns in AdWords will be even simpler with integration between the Google Merchant Cente ...

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    • Bing Ads Editor Makes It Easier to Manage Shopping Campaigns

      September 23, 2016 In the Philippines, the last 4 months of the year are lovingly referred to as the “Ber Months” and September 1 marks the first day of a long-awaited holiday season. For advertisers, it’s not much different. Even as Q3 comes to a close, companies have already started preparing for end-of-year holiday sales and innumerable promos to roll out in coming months.

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    • Apple Introduces Search Ads To The App Store

      September 30, 2016 What was the last app that you downloaded? How did you find it? If you’re like any of 35% of other smartphone users (according to comScore), you probably found the app by searching in the App Store or seeing it listed as a featured or top app within the Store. For advertisers, this statistic can be both exciting and frustrating, with 50% of digital media ...

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  • Search Adverts To Be Introduced on Apple’s App Store

    For anyone that uses any sort of mobile device from Apple, be it an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, you will have, at some point, interacted with the App Store to search for and download apps to your device. Since the app store was first created, the way you could search for applications to download has pretty much been the same.

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  • Campaign Groups Now Available In AdWords

    … September 8, 2016 We are all aware that the marketing industry is growing continually more complex. Frequent expansions and innovations in the digital marketing world are the evidence. As marketing strategies become more intricate, we see that AdWords is working hard to keep up. Our PPC strategies often involve multiple touch-points across…

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  • Google Updates Threshold For Seller Rating Extension

    … Although it has not been officially released by Google, some businesses who use PPC have been seeing a change being implemented in AdWords which has increased the threshold of ratings for the seller rating ad extension to appear from 30 reviews to 150. All of the other factors for the seller rating ad extension to appear have not change including…

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  • Expanded Text Ads And Other Bing Ads Editor Updates

    … August 26, 2016 As you may remember, Bing announced in June that it would soon be supporting Expanded Text Ads in its advertising platform, mirroring the latest ad format from Google. Bing has been quick to keep its promise, launching the ETA pilot early this week for Bing Ads users. According to Program Manager Jamie Chung, all accounts…

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  • Adwords Event Recap: Device-Specific Bid Adjustments

    … August 10, 2016 On Tuesday, August 9, Google invited users to an on-air hangout centered around new device-specific bid adjustments. For those who missed this broadcast from Product Expert Sally Chung and Product Manager Leo Sei, you can watch it here and check out PPC Hero’s recap and reactions below. Hangout On Air Device-specific bid…

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  • 3 Need to Knows About Google’s Expanded Text Ads

    … Google has recently unveiled what it has deemed to be the biggest change to PPC text adverts in 15 years: expanded text adverts. In short form, Google is now increasing the maximum character limit for the title (as well as slightly increasing the length of the description) in a bid (if you’ll pardon the pun) to improve PPC advertising…

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  • What Will Brexit Mean for PPC Advertisers?

    … be worth noting down that may help PPC advertisers for the future of Britain leaving the EU. #1 It’s Not All Bad News Straight off the baton, the pound dropped quite considerably against the American dollar and Euro, which is currently trading at $1.37 to the pound (down from $1.50) and €1.22 to the pound (down from €1.28). On the whole…

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  • Google Testing Green ‘Ad’ Logo in Paid Adverts

    … adverts are getting closer looking to organic SEO results, since the colour schemes for both paid search and organic search results are pretty much exactly the same (with the exception of the ad extension colour schemes). For PPC advertisers, this might be great news. For those looking to generate traffic from SEO, this could be slightly worrying…

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  • Google Now Banning Payday Loans in AdWords

    … as to what an advertiser can advertise with Google AdWords and what they cannot. With this in mind, Google has recently published an article which highlighted that they have updated the rules and regulations of what can be advertised with AdWords. Payday loans are the new category to be blacklisted from the PPC advertising program. To quote the article…

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  • Google to Remove Ads from the Right Hand Side of Search Results

    … to their maximum CPC too. Organic Traffic Decrease For Websites As much as Google have stated that this change to PPC advertising has come from intense testing, they cannot have tested how such a change will affect the traffic websites get from being displayed on the first page (for that matter, any page) of Google search engine results. This is because…

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  • What Can We Learn From PPC In 2015?

    … advertising program learn to help them shape a path for them to lead into 2016? #1 Mobile PPC is Still Growing… As I have consistently said in the past, the new emerging market that is continually growing is mobile PPC. Why is this? More and more people have access to mobile phones and smartphones than ever before – this will always be the case…

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