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    • 3 Ways PPC Ads Trump Super Bowl Ads

      February 6, 2017 Anyone that watched the Super Bowl watched for at least one of the following reasons: They hoped to see their favorite team win They hoped to see their rival team lose They wanted to see the halftime show They wanted to see the ads They showed up to a Super Bowl party for the free food While I think interest in football and the halftime show varies depending on your crowd a.

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    • Bing Ads Automated Imports: A Gift To Handle With Care

      January 27, 2017 We as digital marketers work hard! Full-time PPC work is exactly that—a full-time commitment. Between outlining strategy, identifying expansion opportunities, defining audiences, adjusting bids and monitoring budgets and performance across various media, it can be hard to stay on top of every optimization in every platform for every client (whew! I’m out of ...

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    • Bidding in a Mobile Centric 2017

      February 23, 2017 In early February, I hosted a Hanapin Marketing Webinar about the State of Mobile in 2017 and discussed numerous mobile changes and details to help take our mobile strategies to the next level. Since that discussion, I have continued to strategize on how I can improve results with the ever-changing landscape of mobile and desktop advertising over the past few years.

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  • What PPC Problem Are You Fighting?

    …, videos, and webinars, and we will continue to get better at it. But hard as we try, we can’t guess what you’re fighting today, so we won’t always be relevant for you. As President of Hanapin Marketing, PPC Hero, and Hero Conf, my goal is to give the smartest, most engaged, and busiest PPCers the right resources for them. And this can’t be done…

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  • My 2017 PPC Platform Wish List

    …. Thus, we’re not maximizing our potential CTR’s if we do not run four ads. So LinkedIn, please make it easier to create four ads at a time. 2) Yahoo – Please Make An Editor Like AdWords And Bing We don’t want to go through another holiday season without one. Uploading thousands of holiday promotional ads without an editor makes me a bit Grinchy…

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  • Reflections Of A PPCer At The End Of The World…Errr, 2016

    … myself conflicted about 2016. As we look ahead to PPC in 2017 (and wade through the approximately 4,765 PPC Predictions for 2017 articles surely to be written), I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on PPC and Digital Marketing in general. Please note, this isn’t just another listical to get you to read a blog post! This is my opinion of what were…

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  • Thank You Notes: Acknowledging The Most Significant PPC Updates Of 2016

    … December 19, 2016 It’s that time of year when we all get a little bit retrospective. Maybe it is the changing of the seasons. Maybe it is the prospect of returning to one’s home for the holidays. The snow. The spirit. We look fondly (or maybe begrudgingly) upon the past year and pat ourselves on the back for getting through it in one piece…

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  • A Tale Of 2 Internships

    … November 29, 2016 Editor’s Note: Today’s post is written by former Hanapin intern, Wyatt Wells. Wyatt discusses his internship experiences with Hanapin. It was the best of internships, it was the worst of internships—wait, scratch that…Truthfully, each of my two experiences as an intern at Hanapin offered uniquely valuable opportunities…

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  • How To Better Work With Clients Across Multiple Time Zones

    … November 16, 2016 Being from Ireland, I deal with time zones and the issues that they cause in my personal life, including talking with family and friends or watching sports from home. Since I have begun working at Hanapin, time zone issues have slowly crept into my work life. I am based in Spokane, WA which is on Pacific Time and I have…

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  • 4 Simple Steps To Meeting Client Expectations

    … November 15, 2016 We all have expectations. Expectations of everything in our life including our significant other, our job and even our dogs, but there is something we don’t think about as much. Do people actually know these expectations? Unless they are explicitly communicated and reviewed, I doubt it. Disappointment is a trap that is easy…

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  • 3 Steps For A Stress-Free Vacation From PPC

    …. Even if it is an unexpected leave, someone should address your departure with your client and let them know the plan during the time you are gone. This leads to the second step. Follow these 3 steps to ensure a stress-free vacation from your PPC accounts. Click To Tweet 2) Create A Plan Put together a structured plan of what will be happening…

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  • So You Want To Be An Industry Thought Leader? Here’s What To Do

    … to learn and work on their craft during off hours and would say they legitimately enjoy what they do whether it happens during office hours or not. With this mentality in mind, there are initiatives you can take to get your thoughts out to the public and begin having people look to you for industry knowledge and opinions. Spend At Least 10…

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  • 6 Organizational Tips For Today’s PPC Specialist

    … September 1, 2016 PPC is more than campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and bids. Behind most accounts, there is a person running the operation. A person who can be forgetful, who may have had a bad day, who may have slept less than they should have but nevertheless they love what they do and give it 100%. PPC isn’t about being a super human…

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  • 5 Personal Feelings You Need To Stop Letting Negatively Impact Your PPC Management

    … August 31, 2016 As PPC nerds, we continuously find ways to bring PPC into our daily lives outside of work. We break baseball down into a game of stats and metrics, try to find the quickest path to the goal completion of everyday chores, and even try to guess the CPM of TV ads during an episode of The Walking Dead. In the same way we bring…

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  • 4 Common Questions Prospects Ask Me During The Sales Process

    … And Bing, What Platform Would You Suggest Testing Next? This is one question I get fairly often and it typically gets answered the deeper we get into conversation. Depending on the type of PPC campaign we’re running (lead generation, ecommerce, etc.) and where their target market lives determines which platform(s) makes the most sense. I typically…

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