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    • Benefit From PPC And SEO Working Together

      September 14, 2017 The online market is dynamic. A digital marketing strategy that works one month, may falter the next, leaving you scratching your head. This makes it tricky for small companies and startups to develop strategies that meet the client’s expectations. Here at WooRank, we’re looking to help agencies create successful strategies.

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    • Smart RLSA Tips for the Holiday Season

      September 22, 2017 In AdWords, I have found that conservative bid adjustment work best for most settings within the account. For device, location, and ad schedule I will usually use minor positive bid adjustments +5-10% and usually stronger negative adjustments -15-50%. There is one area of the account where I have found that higher bid adjustments are really effective.

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  • Comparing AdWords & Real Estate: Understanding CPC Inflation

    … August 17, 2017 There are many surprising similarities between AdWords auctions and real estate markets. What can one ancient industry teach us about one that is so new to us? By comparing the two we’ll try and understand more about CPC inflation, effective investment strategies and where the industry could be heading. AdWords auctions…

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  • A PPC Account Manager’s Checklist

    … August 11, 2017 Whether you’re the most novice paid advertiser or a seasoned vet, the question “what do I do now” has likely come up numerous times. Maybe you feel that you’ve done all you can do and are stuck. Maybe you’ve been so busy driving strategy that daily/weekly account maintenance has fallen by the wayside. Maybe you’re working…

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  • Prioritizing Your PPC Platform Needs

    … the most, in terms of morale? Why? I’d recommend giving them these multiple choice options, as open-ended questions might not help you find a PPC platform so much as identifying team or workload issues. Attribution Bid management Brand protection Call tracking Competitor Analysis CRO Reporting Retargeting Social What part of their PPC responsibilities…

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  • The PPC Puzzle: A Checklist

    … August 7, 2017 Entering in the PPC world can be intimidating: there’s the terminology to grasp, there’s the formulas to memorize, there’s the clients to manage, there’s the reports to build, there’s the numbers to check and recheck, there’s the client industries to understand… The checklist, notes, and post-it reminders seem endless…

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  • 16 Commonly Asked PPC Questions (And Answers)

    … August 3, 2017 Ask a PPC account manager what’s the best way to do something and I bet 95% of the time the answer is, “it depends on your account/the situation”. The reason for that is that, well… it does. With this in mind, below are some of the most common questions we hear from new account managers, people attending digital marketing…

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  • 3 Ways To Improve B2B Lead Quality

    … June 26, 2017 Working towards lead quality is always a work in progress, but there are some specific ways we can improve the quality of leads. Cassie wrote a post in 2014 that gave 5 tips to help lead quality through broadening targeting options. In this post, we will focus on ways that may drop lead volume, but boost our main goal of “quality…

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  • 3 Tips To Improve ROI For Paid Search

    … June 9, 2017 If you are ever told that the goal of an ecommerce account isn’t to improve ROI, you are probably being lied to. Generating more revenue is the driving factor behind the majority of businesses and the marketing efforts they push. It may not be the be-all end-all with other goals such as newsletter sign-ups and calls, but it’s vital…

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  • Google, Signature Cocktails & Audience Labs

    …. Creative, clever and appealing to their target audience… A bunch of PPC nerds! In a different venue with a different segment of their business this unique personalization would have fallen flat. Which is a great segue to the purpose of Google’s onsite visit. They made the trek to Indiana to present and have us participate in an Audience Lab…

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  • Use These Competitor Tools To Improve Results Through Competitor Insights

    …. As an example, I have used auction insights reports to pull the impression share and overlap rates year over year to see which competitors have increased their rankings and overlap with ads. This helps in determining budget or strategy changes that may be beneficial in improving results. 3) SpyFu I grouped these together as they are both keyword…

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  • How To Build A PPC Lead Nurture Strategy

    … May 19, 2017 “Lead Nurture” is, by no means, a new term in the marketing world, however, it is a topic that has been trending in the marketing world lately, especially in PPC. Before we discuss how to develop a lead nurture strategy, first you have to understand what is “lead nurturing?” Lead Nurturing, by definition, “is the process…

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  • The Complete Google AdWords Shopping Campaign Settings Breakdown

    … Shopping strategy is leaner, however, priority settings become more critical if an account has multiple Shopping campaigns. With these settings, advertisers are allowed the choice of low, medium, and high priorities. Priorities are scaled in terms of how you want Google to interpret which campaigns are most important…

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  • Isolate Your Competition’s Weaknesses To Strengthen Your PPC Efforts

    … May 9, 2017 Competition is literally the foundation of our industry. If it were not for the strategy behind competing in the auction, machines would be more than capable of carrying the duties of PPC and the world would have less PPC unicorns. It’s safe to say that most of us are, at the very least, aware of who our competitors…

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  • Gain Deeper PPC Insights With The User Explorer Report

    … Segments. Simply click the “All Users” button and create a filter with your desired criteria. Ideas To Consider: Source / Medium Converters Visitors of a key page Cart viewers, but no checkout Takeaways For PPC This report is great and all, but how we can pull out takeaways and implement them into our PPC strategies? What you’ll want to do…

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  • How To Get Big Wins In Your AdWords Account

    … keywords had a high click-to-close rate. Other keywords generated a decent number of clicks and conversions, but most of the leads never turned into paying business. To fix things, we started testing different ad copy and landing pages with our keywords. If we couldn’t get a keyword to perform, we eliminated it. Using this strategy, we eventually…

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