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    • Your First Look At The Impact Of Google’s Exact Match Update

      March 31, 2017 In the past few weeks, Google has released a few fun updates about how it will match and measure traffic in your AdWords accounts. Awhile back, we saw a transition to “exact matching” to close variants that included abbreviations, singular or plurals, and misspellings. With the new version, the exact match scandal boils down to two fundamental shifts.

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    • Google’s Update To Close Variants: 3 Ways To Combat Even Less Exact Match

      March 30, 2017 In the latest update of Google’s exact match variants rule, the engine is taking even more liberties as to what triggers an exact match keyword. Google states that words will only be added or varied if it does not change the meaning of the keyword. Now, obviously, whether the meaning changes or not, it does not fix the fact that exact match keywords as we know ...

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    • 3 AdWords Features You Are Underutilizing

      April 20, 2017 Few industries evolve, adapt, and integrate new tech quicker than paid search. Capitalizing on this dynamic environment is a significant aspect of the daily challenges account managers face. Whether the news comes from Inside AdWords or via a Google Representative’s beta deck, the announcement of upcoming changes typically triggers a flurry of excitement and preparation.

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  • How To Deal With Lost Traffic When Launching A New Website

    … April 21, 2017 A client we work with here at Hanapin Marketing recently launched a new website (design and new domain) and while we followed Your PPC Checklist For A New Website Launch to prepare for “what to do prior to launch,” we were left with the questions. Now what? What clients and articles seem to miss is the “what next?” You…

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  • Navigating Location Based Bid Adjustments In Bing

    … April 7, 2017 Are you interested in further building out your bidding strategy? If you serve ads across the country or the world this new Bing Ads tool could help. If you visit the Opportunities tab in Bing you will see new suggestions for your location bid adjustments. These new suggestions are based on how your campaigns are performing…

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  • Google Shares (A Little More Of) The Reins On DSAs

    … April 6, 2017 There are mixed opinions when it comes to dynamic search campaigns. Some advertisers completely give Google the keys, while others won’t even let Google into the car. No matter what side of the spectrum you fall into, the most recent updates are worth noting. For one, the dynamic ads are going to begin transitioning…

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  • How You Can Generate More Conversions For Lead Generation Accounts

    … April 5, 2017 We always try to provide our clients with great initiatives and projects to help with expansion in paid search and adapt to newer Google updates and betas. Last week, Hanapin created an infographic that you should print and post in your office area right away for a quick reference on how to stay on top of your lead generation…

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  • What Not To Do When Implementing New PPC Features

    … March 13, 2017 Implementing new ad types in our PPC platforms is key to staying competitive and innovative. However, new ad types are unpredictable and easier to mess up. I recently made a functionality mistake with a new Facebook ad type that I was testing. It wasn’t horrendous by any means, but someone that was being served the ad called…

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  • 3 Ways To Use ROAS In PPC Lead Gen Optimization

    … March 6, 2017 “In any PPC campaign, whether eCommerce or lead generation, return is the ultimate indicator of success.” –Matt Umbro Naturally, we all want to be successful. We want to know that the money we are putting into paid search, social, and display—or the investment we are managing on behalf of our clients—is being utilized…

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  • PPC Video Campaign Targeting Methods You Shouldn’t Forget

    … March 2, 2017 YouTube campaigns have always made deeper targeting available to the advertisers. I loved video campaigns from the beginning because I could target by age, gender, parental status, household income, and more. But while those layered targets are great, it’s not enough for me. I’m greedy like the Little Mermaid. “I want…

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  • Should You Choose Bid Modifiers Or Exclusive Campaigns For Your Mobile PPC?

    … to meet this demand and achieve the best possible results from it? The updates mentioned provide us with more tools and robust techniques for meeting this challenge, but it can be difficult to know what’s right for the clients or accounts we work with. In this discussion, we’ll focus our attention on device-specific bid adjustments as a strategy…

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  • Bidding in a Mobile Centric 2017

    … February 23, 2017 In early February, I hosted a Hanapin Marketing Webinar about the State of Mobile in 2017 and discussed numerous mobile changes and details to help take our mobile strategies to the next level. Since that discussion, I have continued to strategize on how I can improve results with the ever-changing landscape of mobile…

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  • Broadening your Paid Search Marketing Strategy

    … February 16, 2017 This post is part of the Hero Conf Los Angeles Speaker Blog Series. Sergio Cano will join 50+ PPC experts sharing their paid search and social expertise at the World’s Largest All-PPC Event, April 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA. Like what you read? Find out more about Hero Conf. Over the years, broad match keywords developed…

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  • Why You Need To Diversify Your PPC Marketing Mix

    … February 2, 2017 As PPC marketers, we are always looking for that silver bullet – that ad platform that helps us hit account goals and take businesses to the next level. When we find it, we naturally tend to place a great deal of our focus there, simply because it makes sense to do so. But did you ever stop and wonder what you would do if your…

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  • What PPC Problem Are You Fighting?

    … February 1, 2017 35% more content (First Round) will be created in 2017 than 2016, and we’re already choking. Annually, Hanapin creates ~425 pieces of content on Paid Search, Paid Social, Conversion Rate Optimization, Shopping, and Display. Multiply that by the more than 10,000 digital agencies in the US (Statista & AAAA), and assume…

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  • Expanding Your PPC Coverage Beyond Google And Bing

    … and optimization resources. Beyond Google, however, Bing is typically the next step for PPC network expansion. And while Bing is often the target of many punchlines, the platform is definitely no slouch. Bing sports a respectable 31% market share making it a necessity within every PPC strategy. Furthermore, Bing offers a healthy supply of unique opportunities…

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  • 5 Steps To Cross-Account Analysis Superhero Status

    … January 26, 2017 This post is part of the Hero Conf Los Angeles Speaker Blog Series. Andrew Miller will join 50+ PPC experts sharing their paid search and social expertise at the World’s Largest All-PPC Event, April 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA. Like what you read? Find out more about Hero Conf. PPC pros know how to use data to make better…

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