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    • Your PPC Checklist For A New Website Launch

      January 2, 2017 Launching a new site can be both exciting and stressful all at once. There are countless small details that need to be covered such as redirects to simple link checks. Most resources you research may offer great advice for what to do to help your transition for SEO and keep organic rankings, but you may be asking yourself “What about PPC?” While we can’t cove ...

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    • You’re Bidding On All the Wrong Keywords! (Here’s How To Fix It)

      January 11, 2017 Ever wonder why keyword research is so hard? Keywords are arguably the most important part of a paid search campaign, so there are tons of tools available that should make keyword research easy. But here’s the thing, while you can use these tools to do things like estimate search volume, predict cost-per-click or even spy on the keywords and ads of your co ...

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    • Telling Your 2016 PPC Story Through Reporting

      December 30, 2016 As the countdown to 2017 continues, sticking with the theme of wrapping up 2016 seems fitting. While PPC will continue full speed ahead going into 2017, one thing won’t change and that’s the performance of your PPC account in 2016. You may be thinking, “2016 was an amazing year, bring on the comparisons.

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  • My 5 PPC Account Manager New Year’s Resolutions

    January 3, 2017 With the start of the new year, most of us usually make some sort of New Year’ resolutions. Whether that is to lose weight, eat healthier, or get more organized, we usually enter the new year full of hope that we can make changes that can help us be better than we are. PPC account managers are no different.

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  • While We Conclude 2016, Let’s Talk About Concluding CRO Tests

    … December 27, 2016 While we approach closing out yet another year, and while the question “When can this test conclude?” still comes up in my conversations at least once a week, I felt as though it was time to sit down and write out my test conclusion process and all the variables that factor into this decision. Today, I’ll warm you up…

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  • Is Everything OK? 3 Tips For Keeping Your PPC Accounts Healthy

    … December 23, 2016 As search professionals, we’re always assessing the overall state of our PPC programs. If performance isn’t constantly monitored, we’re sure to find out one day that the campaigns we thought were doing well are not hitting goals or worst case scenario, losing money. For this very reason, most account managers create intricate…

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  • My 2017 PPC Platform Wish List

    … December 21, 2016 We’ve all been PPC-ing And we’ve all got bids to make We don’t know what this year will bring So we blog and hope it takes! (If you try really hard, those lyrics can be sung to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. If it doesn’t work the first time, try harder. I’m not Beethoven.) This is my selfish intent…

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  • Reflections Of A PPCer At The End Of The World…Errr, 2016

    … increasing in PPC a bit, but I think the significant 2016 advances with AI, Digital Assistants, and basic machine learning will impact PPC quite a bit in 2017. As one example, how long before Google Home get some version of ads in a Youtube like fashion controlled in AdWords. Perhaps it will be audio files uploaded and then paired with audiences…

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  • Why Ad Blockers Are Good For The PPC Industry

    … struggled to move into a modern mindset and use technology to its advantage. Over the last couple of years, the Ad blocking trend has accelerated and has become a significant threat to both publishers and advertisers alike. Millenials, are the biggest adopters. A Moz and Fractl Study in 2015 found that 63% of this key demographic are using an ad…

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  • How To Optimize PPC Campaigns That Are Limited By Budget

    … December 7, 2016 In AdWords and Bing, getting alerted about paid search campaigns that are limited by budget are pretty commonplace. If I had a nickel for all the campaigns I have seen that were limited by budget, I would ask “where are these coins coming from and can we talk about 2016 inflation?” When you think of these budget limitations…

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  • Are You Thinking Of Account-Wide Goals? Let’s Change That Mindset

    … with different program offerings where one program costs a lot more than another. Situation #2: A client sees different final step rates for one location & category compared to another: In the scenario above you can see different rates from a lead (conversion) to the final step (subscription). We’re adjusting the CPL Goals accordingly…

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  • CRO And PPC Go Together Like Fall And Pumpkin

    … In the PPC world, there are so many cogs and wheels working together to push the marketing machine forward. We optimize ads in every facet – how they appear, when they appear, to whom they appear, and so on and so forth. What seems to be forgotten is that without a website or a landing page that ad can’t send anyone anywhere. The landing page…

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  • How To Better Work With Clients Across Multiple Time Zones

    … November 16, 2016 Being from Ireland, I deal with time zones and the issues that they cause in my personal life, including talking with family and friends or watching sports from home. Since I have begun working at Hanapin, time zone issues have slowly crept into my work life. I am based in Spokane, WA which is on Pacific Time and I have…

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  • How To Setup The Newest AdWords Extension – Message Extensions

    …, select “Ad Extensions” and under the drop down options, you will see “Message Extensions.” When creating the pre-populated message, you will want to consider the questions your customers frequently ask. Your customers may want to set up an appointment for a quote for a roof estimate or ask if a used vehicle is on the lot before they drive to your…

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  • Embracing The Dark Side Of Negative Keywords

    … November 3, 2016 I have been waiting for a long time to tell you about my dark side. I don’t want you to be scared and you don’t have to send a tweet of concern to @JeffAllenUT, but let’s talk about my love of negativity. Negative keywords, that is! In this post we are going to talk about all things negative: What are negative keywords? How…

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  • How To Leverage PPC For Your B2B Accounts

    November 2, 2016 PPC marketing is a channel that has a great track record of helping businesses reach their goals, whether it is additional sales, leads, or other actions. However, if you’ve ever tried to tackle B2B PPC marketing, you probably know that it’s a totally different game than B2C. It presents challenges in finding the right audience and getting them to complete a ...

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