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    • The Case For PPC Creative In Multiple Languages

      For many advertisers, business boundaries extend far beyond the borders of their home country. Once leaving the safety of the primary market, it’s likely that advertisers will need to explore multilingual account coverage. Many advertisers will attack this expansion opportunity by going one of two routes: Door #1: The “close enough” by running duplicated English campaigns i ...

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    • How I Increased Non-Brand PPC Profits by 650%

      The ultimate goal of most companies is to grow. How do we grow our brands? We increase the profitability of the company and strategically reinvest those profits into the company. That means our #1 question as digital marketers should be, “How do I increase the profitability of our PPC campaigns?” We often forget to step back and ask that question directly.

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    • An Argument for Automatic Placements on Google Display

      Don’t Lose Sleep over Evil Bots Earlier this month, Larry Kim wrote a post “How to Find & Eliminate 90%+ of Click Fraud in the Google Display Network”. In the very first sentence, he asserts: “Believe it or not, click fraud in PPC marketing really does exist.” And while I do agree, click fraud does exist, you will not find me huddled over my desk in a panic trying to save my ...

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  • How to Analyze Your Competition & Pivot Your PPC Strategy

    ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT UNTIL THE PPC HERO SUMMIT!! If you’re just hearing about it, The PPC Hero Summit is a free online event offering top-notch PPC training and valuable discussions on trends and updates. So far, we’ve talked about what the first few sessions will offer, so today we’ll talk about the last 2 sessions that will wrap-up the Summit.

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  • Revisiting Quora: An Unexpected Success!

    … decided to test the various targeting types and craft our expansion strategy from the results. Please note that all the campaigns we ran were conversion campaigns. What Works Topic Targeting Topic targeting has been by far the most successful targeting type for our test in terms of delivering the highest conversion volume. With the Topic targeting type…

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  • From Last Click To Position-Based: An Attribution Test

    …An Attribution Test “Whodunit” is more than just a popular detective narrative, it is an important question in PPC as well. Attribution seeks to answer that question. So, choosing the right model for your account is important. In this blog, we’ll cover a quick overview of Google’s attribution, what led us to consider testing a different…

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  • Why Digital Marketing: Traditions Aren’t Always the Best

    … Down the straight and narrow. Right? Right. Not right. Think outside the box. Too outside the box? Yes. No. I don’t know. Tasks vs. Strategy The business world is all about balancing task-driving and strategy-driving. Marketing is no exception. Tasks and strategies go hand in hand, but it’s important to have every task point toward an overarching…

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  • The 2018 PPC Trends That Affect Your Day-to-Day

    …: Voice Search: The Evolution of Voice Search (and what it means for PPC) by Purna Virji Artificial Intelligence: AI is Giving Us Back What We Value Most – Time by Adrian Cutler Chrome’s Ad Blocker Update: Google Will Turn On Native Ad-Blocking in Chrome on February 15 by Darrell Etherington I hope this helps you focus on the PPC trends that matter most to your brand or your clients! …

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  • Roadmap for a Solid B2B Facebook Advertising Strategy

    … of your solution Wrapping Up This roadmap should serve as a general guide to get you started on the larger components of your facebook advertising strategy. PPC Hero has many helpful articles about more specific aspects of facebook ads, and once you have a few campaigns running you will find areas for detailed testing and optimization. Like any other platform, the tools available are always changing, and PPC Hero is here to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in pay-per-click! …

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  • 6 Bottom Line Boosting Tips for Paid Search

    … “It depends”. In my 2+ years at Hanapin Marketing, I’ve come to learn that this is a universal truth across the industry. There is no shared magic number for ROI or CPA. There is no perfect CTR or CVR. And there most certainly isn’t a singular strategic approach that can navigate across all industries and account types. That said, I do think…

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  • The Paid Media Cube: A Framework to Clarify and Communicate Your PPC Strategy

    … confusing about your plan, you’ll pay for it later in wasted time and/or budget.” Further, this post will walk you through the Paid Media Cube framework for identifying any opportunities you might be leaving on the table. Four questions to clarify your PPC strategy To better clarify and communicate your PPC plans, first answer these four questions…

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  • Are My YouTube Ad Campaigns Successful?

    … on a video campaign. We’ve been programmed as PPC marketers to concentrate on the direct return. It’s hard to look at the overall worth of an awareness channel when we’re so used to focusing on last-click attribution. When monitoring my YouTube campaigns, I do look at conversions. Direct return, however, is just one of a few areas I check. If I’m…

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  • How to work with Sensitive Data Accounts

    … What do you do when you are told by the ever-present Google that you can’t use remarketing lists or other audiences in your paid search strategies? You work with out a strategy and suggest that remarketing could help engage users who have been on your site but did not convert the first time around. You get the tag placed, the list is built…

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  • 3 Best Practices for Universal App Campaigns

    … PPC App Advertising Heroes! Somehow it is already nearing November’s end, and you know what that means – that’s right, it’s the official sunsetting of AdWords mobile app install campaigns (did you think I was going to mention the holidays?) Google announced this change back in August, alerting users that on November 15 all other existing app…

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  • Competitor RLSA: Stay Top of Mind for Site Visitors

    … if; nervous about low conversion rates low quality scores You can use aggressive keyword targeting around these competitive terms and should do so with little reservation. In other words, these users have been to the site and are technically in-market, so most queries around these terms should have little question as to what the intent…

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  • 5 Geocentric Tips to Invigorate Your Local PPC Ads

    … November 13, 2017 I’ve been working with local business clients for years, and I can’t say that the challenges of geotargeting PPC ads haven’t evolved over time. It isn’t as easy as the classic David’s Pizza TV Commercial, though we all wish it could be that fun (with great dance moves included.) As Google changed from “Google Places…

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  • How To Better Organize Your Shopping Campaigns: Brand vs Non-Brand Segmentation

    … difference then keep reading! Tip: PPC Hero has multiple posts on SQRs and pivot tables, so check them out if you need more help with this part. The Structure Before we get to the actual builds, I want to cover how the setup actually works. The segmentation essentially comes down to negative keywords, priority settings, and bidding strategies…

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