Ppc Structure

  • Top 5 PPC Fails

    … for campaign performance. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into structure or never revisit the hierarchy after campaigns are active. Many times I log into AdWords or Bing and see the “Limited by Budget” alert in the dashboard, signaling a missed opportunity. You’re losing impressions on possibly valuable keywords because your campaign organization…

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  • Who’s Managing Your PPC? Pros and Con’s of In-House and Agency

    … service’ agencies that offer complete digital marketing solutions, including paid search. There’s also agencies whose sole purpose is to manage paid search accounts. The benefits of hiring an agency are: Collective Knowledge: Staff is immersed in the best practices of pay-per-click advertising and is usually fully certified in search, display…

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  • What To Ask When Building Your PPC Program

    … thinking through their goals. Why is it so important to have clearly established goals? 3 main benefits of goal setting for PPC: Direction: Setting clear performance goals provide the foundation for success. Creating winning strategies and defining tactics to support those strategies is not possible without knowing what the intended outcome…

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