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  • Why I still hate LinkedIn Ads

    … Like a lot of marketers, I find LinkedIn Ads frustrating. The thing is, by making just a few needed improvements, both LinkedIn itself and advertisers could greatly benefit. For LinkedIn, advertising could be bringing in much more than a meagre $181 million in revenues, as it did during the second quarter of 2016. Compare that to the advertising…

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  • Dynamic Search Ads for Hotels; Are They for You?

    …/For-hotels-a-new-reality-of-booking-lead-times-and-path-to-purchase> 3. “Trivago Sees More Clicks and Lower CPAs in 50+ … – Think with Google.” 2016. 3 Jun. 2016 <https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/case-studies/trivago-sees-more-clicks-lower-cpas-in-50-markets.html> The post Dynamic Search Ads for Hotels; Are They for You? appeared first on E-Marketing Associates - Online Marketing Products for Independent Hotels. …

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  • Campaign Groups Now Available In AdWords

    … September 8, 2016 We are all aware that the marketing industry is growing continually more complex. Frequent expansions and innovations in the digital marketing world are the evidence. As marketing strategies become more intricate, we see that AdWords is working hard to keep up. Our PPC strategies often involve multiple touch-points across…

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  • How to master Facebook advertising and targeting

    … Facebook advertising is becoming very useful, especially when you explore its potential and all its targeting options. Greg Gifford, Director of Search and Social at DealerOn, delivered a very informative presentation at Brighton SEO last week, describing all the advertising options that Facebook offers along with the impressive targeting you can…

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  • Why You Need Shopping Ads in Your Paid Search Arsenal

    … started with your own shopper ads! Overall, Shopping Ads offer a smart way to not only increase brand’s exposure, but drive additional revenue. Optimizing your data feed, constantly testing new strategies, and catering to mobile performance are quick wins to keep your PPC shopping game strong. Feeling like you’re behind the ball on all things Shopping…

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  • 10 Local Paid Media Marketing Ideas

    … In the past few years we have seen Google and Bing really pushing the shopping side of search and both the search engines and advertisers have seen massively positive results from the channel. Moving into the latter half of 2016, we are seeing Google turn its attention across to local and this was very evident in their Google Ads & Analytics…

    Samantha Noble/ State of Digitalin Paid Search- 19 readers -
  • Five very quick tips to building a loyal ecommerce customer base

    … A few weeks ago, we discussed how ecommerce and retail companies can best acquire new customers via Facebook Lookalike targeting. So now that you’re building your customer base, let’s study how best to keep that very valuable base engaged. Remember, your existing customers are a constant stream of revenue. We know they already like your products…

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  • Why understanding frequency is key to success with Facebook advertising

    … How do you ensure that your Facebook ad campaign is working as hard as it possibly can? For Facebook advertisers, it can be easy to get stuck into the multitude of statistics and metrics that your campaigns generate. For those that are analytically minded, Facebook marketing can feel like being a kid in a candy shop, but can be equally daunting…

    Search Engine Watch- 18 readers -
  • Google AdWords: the dos and don’ts of callout extensions

    … Callout extensions are a really important component of Google AdWords, and they can be incredibly useful in describing what your business has to offer that may not be clear by your links and description alone. Take the example below from Google: “Acme Electronics” uses AdWords and is able to list their website in the first line, general…

    Amanda Disilvestro/ Search Engine Watch- 33 readers -
  • Take advantage of Google’s NEW Expanded Text Ads

    … Google has recently launched what they call the biggest change to AdWords since it launched in 2000 – the long awaited expanded ad! But what exactly is changing? Here are all the things you need to know about expanded ads and how to make the most out of all that extra space. Ad Components Original Expanded Headlines One 25-character headline…

    Attacat of Edinburgh- 17 readers -
  • Five common keyword research mistakes you need to avoid

    … when they search. You need to understand your customers and the language they use. Remember, each searcher has an intent, and is looking for something. Your page needs to provide the answer. 2) Focusing on too specific keywords If you have a large site with lots of possible keywords combinations, you might be tempted to optimize for every little…

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  • Achieving an effective PPC account structure. Art or Science?

    … through by other PPC professionals. I have literally seen things in AdWords accounts that you people wouldn’t believe in the attempt to adapt some rigid modeling to a reality systematically tricking it. But, if there isn’t a perfect recipe to AdWords success, valid in all fields, how can we manage to always obtain good results? Is this science or art…

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