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  • 3 Step PPV Optimization For Lead Generation

    … PPV traffic is a great way to generate leads and sales. Here’s a simple 3 step formula for getting your lead generation campaigns optimized for the greatest return. DOWNLOAD PDF Getting Clicks? Are you getting clicks on your pop-up’s call to action? Yes… Eliminate “budget waster” targets (targets that under perform) Eliminate “traffic…

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  • PPV Landing Page Essentials

    … Make It Quick Your PPV landing page should be as lightweight as possible. Avoid “one size fits all”, responsive PPV landers because they have to load a ton of extra code that you don’t need if you taylor your design for the network you are running on. Running a lean landing page get’s it loaded and in front of your customer as fast as possible…

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  • Keys To PPV Success

    … elements that make up the game of American Football. If you can block well, and tackle well, your players have a good foundation to build a great team with. Digital Marketing has foundations. In this article we revisit the foundational blocking and tackling as it applies to PPV or Pay-Per-View traffic. Download PDF Collect The Best Targets Start…

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  • Does PPV Traffic Still Work in 2016?

    … One of the most common questions I have been asked for years and still people ask me; Is PPV traffic still worth investment and does it still work, especially for CPA offers? I have been promoting CPA offers for 4 years now. I started off with 7Search in the times when people were talking about how bad quality 7Search traffic is and how it never…

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  • The Top PPV Networks in 2015

    … Way back in 2009, I tested and rated 10 PPV networks. I get asked about that post a lot, and what my current recommendations are so I thought I would update my current favorite PPV traffic sources. I thought about putting these in order, and scoring them like I did last time but decided against it. The reason is that I have campaigns that work…

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  • 50onRed PPV Network Review

    … There are a few good PPV networks out there ready to drive thousands of clicks to your affiliate campaigns every single day, but the one I have recently been spending the most time (and money) with is 50onRed. 50onRed has quickly become my primary source of PPV traffic when I am ready to launch a new campaign. Their user interface is one…

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