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  • 3 Step PPV Optimization For Lead Generation

    … PPV traffic is a great way to generate leads and sales. Here’s a simple 3 step formula for getting your lead generation campaigns optimized for the greatest return. DOWNLOAD PDF Getting Clicks? Are you getting clicks on your pop-up’s call to action? Yes… Eliminate “budget waster” targets (targets that under perform) Eliminate “traffic…

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  • PPV Landing Page Essentials

    … Make It Quick Your PPV landing page should be as lightweight as possible. Avoid “one size fits all”, responsive PPV landers because they have to load a ton of extra code that you don’t need if you taylor your design for the network you are running on. Running a lean landing page get’s it loaded and in front of your customer as fast as possible…

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  • Keys To PPV Success

    … elements that make up the game of American Football. If you can block well, and tackle well, your players have a good foundation to build a great team with. Digital Marketing has foundations. In this article we revisit the foundational blocking and tackling as it applies to PPV or Pay-Per-View traffic. Download PDF Collect The Best Targets Start…

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  • Does PPV Traffic Still Work in 2016?

    … One of the most common questions I have been asked for years and still people ask me; Is PPV traffic still worth investment and does it still work, especially for CPA offers? I have been promoting CPA offers for 4 years now. I started off with 7Search in the times when people were talking about how bad quality 7Search traffic is and how it never…

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  • The Top PPV Networks in 2015

    … great on one source, and bomb on another. I really can’t say ‘X is the ‘best’ PPV traffic source. If you’re serious about PPV marketing, it’s worth testing all these. Is PPV traffic even working in 2015? YES! We have plenty of success stories in the forum that prove that. If you’ve been around affiliate marketing for long enough, you know…

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  • 50onRed PPV Network Review

    … There are a few good PPV networks out there ready to drive thousands of clicks to your affiliate campaigns every single day, but the one I have recently been spending the most time (and money) with is 50onRed. 50onRed has quickly become my primary source of PPV traffic when I am ready to launch a new campaign. Their user interface is one…

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