Physical comedy, whether conveyed by a pratfall (landing on the buttocks), a silly face, or the action of walking into walls, is a common and rarely subtle form of comedy. It is a clownish exploitation of movement, the most primordial human medium of expression, which predates language and the introduction of verbal humour[citation needed] such as cultural tradition, erudition and word puns. Often sitcoms will incorporate such movements into the scenes but may not rely on it exclusively to forward the story. Often it will be used as comic relief especially during more serious or intimate scenes.
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  • (Dis)Content Marketing: How To Survive The Shakeout

    … from someone’s lips? Beware The Coming “Content Shock” Some shrewd pundits have advanced the idea that the unrestrained growth of content is ultimately unsustainable. In early 2014, in a widely-read blog post, social media expert Mark Schaefer coined the term “content shock” for the pratfall lying ahead for content marketing: [T]his upward trend…

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