Pre-Roll Ads

  • Why the Twitter-NFL Deal Is a Hail Mary That Will Work

    … the games to livestreaming means that marketers can make use of the same types of behavioral and preference-based targeting that are available on digital and mobile. Twitter is hoping to make up to $50 million on NFL advertising, including in-game ads, pre-roll ads and Periscope streams. Twitter’s options for ad targeting include customer interests…

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  • The Pre-Roll Dilemma: Make Better Ads or Be Eaten By the Ad Blockers

    … are “skippable” after the designated time slot. However, these placements charge advertisers whenever the ad loads and regardless of whether the viewer decides to skip. According to ORC International, 90 percent of surveyors skip pre-roll ads and opt for the content. And with the rise of the aforementioned ad blockers, many users are able to avoid ads…

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  • Can Brave Browser Revolutionize the Advertising Experience Online?

    … Internet users don’t like ads. They’ve long been savvy enough to ignore banner ads, and now they’re growing increasingly resistant to the presence of ads in their social news feeds, pre-roll ads before videos and sponsored content in mobile applications. According to a survey conducted last year, 64 percent of them are using ad-blocker…

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