Prepared Testimony

Prepared testimony is a form of testimony which is prepared ahead of time, and is then presented verbally or in writing. It is attested as true by the author(s), or given under oath. Typically it is given to a large body or organization. Questions may be posed to the attestor or witness, but the forum where the testimony is given may not permit this, or it may be impractical, or questioning may be cast implicitly in the form of further testimony by others.
Posts about Prepared Testimony
  • US airline wins Dodd-Frank real-time reporting delay

    … trading in such long-dated WTI or Brent derivatives is relatively infrequent, reports of the trades in SDR public data feeds can alert the market that Southwest is putting on a hedge, the airline says. "Only a few market participants trade that far out the curve," said Southwest treasurer Chris Monroe in prepared testimony submitted to the US House…

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