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    • How to write your first speech

      By Tamsen Webster, {grow} Community Member For many, the opportunity to take the stage and give a speech is the culmination of a dream. And if you get that opportunity, you’re now faced with an imposing task: coming up with a speech! Here’s the process I walk my clients through when they’re developing their first speech (or any speech for that matter!) 1.

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  • Save this guide on how to moderate a panel discussion

    … By Mark Schaefer I’ve been asked to moderate many corporate and conference panels over the years and I’ve become pretty good at it. So I thought I would pass along some of the things I’ve learned from my experiences. Save this post so you’ll be ready when it’s your time to take the stage! 1. Don’t worry about a preparation call This may seem…

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  • How to Host a Marketing Conference That Doesn’t Tank

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist I travel a lot, either to present at conferences or to facilitate workshops. I’m even in a Facebook group for frequent business travelers (great luggage tips)! Attending so many events has led me to appreciate the ones that are well organized. The difference between hosting a memorable…

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  • Five tips to prepare for your first international speaking assignment

    … the territory Weeks before the talk, I start to read a newsfeed about the country and city I’m visiting. It can be something as simple as doing a daily web search for the news in that country. This way I get a feel for the political issues, potential hot buttons, and ideas I can use to “localize” the content. I always try to use some local…

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  • Highlights from my #SMMW keynote speech

    … was going to be exhausted and in information overload. So I know I needed to deliver a talk with high energy from beginning to end. The theme of my talk was “Reach Higher.” I challenged the audience to be bold and use the ideas and inspiration from the conference to do more when they get back to their workplace. But there are typically three things…

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  • How to create an amazing social media marketing workshop

    … they need, instead of showing off what you know. Your job is NOT to simply repeat facts and figures they can find anywhere on the web. Instead, focus on INSIGHTS your guests could not get anywhere else. For each hour of your presentation, focus on diving into 3-5 core ideas instead of providing lists and lists of bullets. Be memorable through stories…

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  • Four new effective presentation techniques you can use right now

    … the most active tweeters remember who you are. I hope these little ideas will have a big impact on your presentations, too! The post Four new effective presentation techniques you can use right now appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Related Stories The dangerous confusion of sales and content marketing Does creating content make you dumb? 10 Ways to Drive More Social Proof …

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  • 10 Ways to Drive More Social Proof

    … to follow and what to buy. At least in the short term, the number of tweets on an article of the number of Likes on Facebook might even be more important that the content itself. In this new slide presentation, I’ll walk you through a few highlights from my new book The Content Code and demonstrate why sometimes content success has very little to do…

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  • A stunningly simple path to creative business presentations

    … Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Related Stories Social Media Marketing success is simply Medieval Three foundations of social selling (free eBook) 3 Steps to Building a Better B2B Target Account List A guide to free and easy influencer research tools 25 ideas for your social media network strategy …

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