• New gTLD to increase prices 10x, add blockchain voting service

    …. Currently, the retail price of a .voting domain can range from $60 to $100 per year. After June 1, that price is likely to start around the $600 mark. But the registry also told registrars it plans to bundle in with each domain an “e-voting solution” in which “votes are anchored in the blockchain”. There would be no additional charge…

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 17 readers -
  • .blog renewal prices will not go up, registry promises

    … leaves the door open for KKWT to increase the price of a new registration, but it seems renewal prices are frozen. I believe the current wholesale .blog fee starts at $16 per year. The new RAA also adds ICANN-mandated language concerning the Uniform Rapid Suspension policy and a clarification about registrar legal indemnifications, KKWT said. Tweet Tagged: .blog, automattic, kkwt, knock knock whois there, prices, wordpress …

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 15 readers -
  • ICA worried ICANN will force URS on .net

    … The Internet Commerce Association has called for a “moratorium” on the Uniform Rapid Suspension policy being added to legacy gTLD contracts, months before Verisign’s .net contract is up for renewal. In a blog post, ICA counsel Phil Corwin accused ICANN staff of making policy by the back door by compelling pre-2012 registries to adopt URS…

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 21 readers -
  • US confirms no .com price hikes before 2024

    … if it can show .com no longer holds “market power”. With most new gTLDs still struggling, that would be a tough sell for the foreseeable future. Verisign would need both ICANN and NTIA blessings to raise prices. Tweet Tagged: .com, iana, ICANN, justice, ntia, prices, ted cruz, transition, verisign …

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 19 readers -
  • Twitter Followers of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Share Many Traits (Study)

    … on the other side of the ballot, the reality is that in many ways, they are mirror images of each other. Also surprising was that some personality traits stereotypically assigned to Trump or Clinton were not the reality. Bernie Sanders followers certainly have dramatically different motivational triggers than the rest of the candidates of both parties, and that was expected. The Trump-Clinton audiences being virtually the same motivationally was not expected. Readers: Did the findings by Connelly Partners and MotiveMetrics surprise you? …

    David Cohen/ AllTwitterin Social Twitter- 24 readers -
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