The Toyota Prius (/ˈpriːəs/; plural: Prii /ˈpriːaɪ/) is a full hybrid electric mid-size hatchback, formerly a compact sedan developed and manufactured by Toyota. The EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) rate the Prius as among the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States based on smog-forming emissions.The Prius first went on sale in Japan in 1997, and was available at all four Toyota Japan dealerships, making it the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. It was subsequently introduced worldwide in 2000. The Prius is sold in almost 80 countries and regions, with its largest markets being those of Japan and the United States.
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  • Anatomy of a GOP hashtag smackdown

    … in September, when Vinny Minchillo, a Texas-based ad man at Glass House Strategy, set out to humanize his fellow GOP’ers. He shot an impossibly goofy spot called “Republicans Are People Too.” They drive Priuses we were told. They have beards and tattoos! They dare to read the New York Times in public! They listen to Spotify! Goodness, they’re practically…

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