• Open Whois must die, Europe privacy chiefs tell ICANN

      Unfettered public access to full Whois records is illegal and has to got to go, an influential European Union advisory body has told ICANN. The Article 29 Working Party on Data Protection, WP29, wrote to ICANN yesterday to say that “that the original purposes of the WHOIS directories can be achieved via layered access” and that the current system “does not appear to meet the ...

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    • ICANN: tell us how you will break Whois rules

      ICANN has invited registrars and registries to formally describe how they plan to break the current rules governing Whois in order to come into compliance with European Union law. The organization today published a set of guidelines for companies to submit proposals for closing off parts of Whois to most internet users.

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  • ICANN chief tells industry to lawyer up as privacy law looms

    … The domain name industry should not rely on ICANN to protect it from incoming EU privacy law. That’s the strong message that came out of ICANN 60 in Abu Dhabi last week, with the organization’s CEO repeatedly advising companies to seek their own legal advice on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The organization also said…

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  • Amsterdam refuses to publish Whois records as GDPR row escalates

    … with the Dutch Data Protection Act and, perhaps more significantly, the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR is perhaps the most pressing issue for ICANN at the moment. It’s an EU law due to come into effect in May next year. It has the potential to completely rewrite the rules of Whois access for the entire industry, sidestepping…

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  • ALERT: Nevada Enacts New Website Privacy Policy Law

    … Nevada recently became the third state to enact legislation requiring website operators and online service providers to post a privacy policy. The California law was passed in 2004 and Delaware’s in 2016. Senate Bill No. 538 mandates that, commencing on October 1, 2017, websites and other online services must make available, in a manner…

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  • Halloran made ICANN’s first chief data protection officer

    … ICANN lifer Dan Halloran has added the title of chief data protection officer to his business card. The long-serving deputy general counsel was named ICANN’s first CDPO on Friday, continuing to report to his current boss, general counsel John Jeffrey. Privacy is currently the hottest topic in the ICANN community, with considerable debate…

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  • What it will take to make digital identity real

    … The biggest problem with digital identity is that it’s sort of just a pain in the ass. As banks, governments and e-commerce giants try to solve the issue of customers having account overload and password amnesia, the problem becomes that security is just inconvenient: there are so many required security specs for passwords, are many different…

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  • ICANN loosens Whois privacy rules for registrars

    … ICANN has made it easier for registries and registrars to opt-out of Whois-related contractual provisions when they clash with local laws. From this week, accredited domain firms will not have to show that they are being investigated by local privacy or law enforcement authorities before they can request a waiver from ICANN. Instead, they’ll…

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  • Pirate Bay founder launches piracy-friendly domain privacy service

    … do hurt someone by putting child porn or revenge porn or stuff like that… If you look at any statistics on file sharing, it proves that the more people file-share the more money goes into the ecosystem of the media.” While this is likely to upset the IP lobby within the domain name community, I think there’s a possibility that existing ICANN…

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  • Congress repeals internet privacy rules. What does this actually mean for you?

    … Congress repeals internet privacy rules. What does this actually mean for you? As was expected, the House of Representatives also voted to repeal internet privacy regulations that would have prevented internet service providers from selling your personal information to advertisers. President Trump is expected to sign it into law once…

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  • Senate votes to repeal internet provider privacy regs

    … Senate votes to repeal internet provider privacy regs Yesterday, the US Senate voted to repeal FCC regulations that prohibited wireless and internet providers from selling your personal information to third-parties. The previous regulations required these carriers to ask your permission up front before sharing your personal information…

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