Privacy And Data Mining

  • Covve Provides Private Network and Secure Business Growth

    … The Harvard Business Review observes that “Networks deliver three unique advantages: private information, access to diverse skill sets, and power.” Private networking is important because information that everyone has is not that valuable. Personal contacts can offer you data no one else knows. This information can be an enormous advantage…

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  • Protect Company Data with These 5 Important Steps

    … Data is a company’s biggest asset. Should it ever be compromised, the repercussions can be plentiful. If you don’t protect company data, you could lose hundreds of dollars, your reputation, and, in some instances, your business. As you hear about data breaches from big companies, the news likely alarms you. You wonder how you can protect your…

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  • How Computer Monitoring Software Can Boost Productivity

    … Employee Access to Sites Business owners can use this data to block access, give a friendly reminder about using their time, or shift them to a different role. This can result in significant savings for the business. Sometimes, employees don’t always use their computers responsibly. Although reading the news on company time is innocent, it is still…

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