• Why It’s Time to Rebuild Traditional Marketing Teams

    …. If you’re the editor publishing a blog post, you focus on getting the best possible article onto the site. However, if the person in charge of paid media doesn’t promote it effectively, then potential customers will never be able to see it, which hurts everyone at the company. So what if you adjust that longstanding process? For example, think about what…

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  • How Project Management Just Might Solve Your Digital Marketing Woes

    …. I’m not arguing against the efficacy of PM software. I use them, too; they’re a necessity. But they don’t solve process, planning and production issues. While identifying tools that enable effective project management is a great step in getting organized – it doesn’t get stuff done. That’s where you need a living, breathing human being – a project…

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  • Successful Affiliates Create Their Own Luck

    …I’ve been reading lots of books lately about success, and I always look at them from the perspective of Affiliate Marketing. I’m still convinced that this business is the best one in the world, and I won’t be doing anything different any time soon. Even so, when you read inspiring stories of how people created […]…

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