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    • What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

      In previous posts & podcast episodes, we've talked a lot about minimum viable products, getting businesses off the ground on a shoestring budget and the value of releasing rapidly. If you follow the advice you find here, you'll soon find yourself with a product or service ready to present to the world and perhaps you even orchestrate a small launch for it.

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  • What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

    … launch for it. Now, what if you do all this and get virtually no result? What if no one buys your minimum viable product, no one signs up to your launch list and you get no feedback from the market? Is it time to give up or are there other options? Discover the answer in today's podcast episode...​ […]…

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  • SPI 162: A First-Timer’s $130,208 Product Launch

    … I love hearing success stories, and the best success stories are the ones that come from listeners like you. That’s what today’s episode is all about. My guest today, Nick Stephenson, heard David Siteman Garland talk with me about creating online courses back in Session 136. Nick took action, and by the time his product launch rolled around, he…

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  • Deception, Disappointment & Minimum Viable Products – IMP#35

    … In previous posts, we’ve covered the importance of launching your business by creating a minimum viable product – the smallest possible version of your product idea that you can release and get a real-world response to. Personally, I swear by this approach and related concepts like the lean startup method and rapid implementation. But what…

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  • How YOU Can Generate Sales By Launching New Products Like An Expert

    … You know I usually ignore new launches and hype because so often they over-promise and deliver little of substance. In this case, though, I personally know Eric Larson. He sold hundreds in his first product without having affiliates or his own list. But the launch isn’t where the real money is made. I’ll elaborate… By selling the first product…

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  • Podcast 51: How to Create and Launch Your Own Products with Shane Melaugh

    … that they create to accomplish this are WordPress themes and plugins. Shane struggled for a long time to find WordPress themes and plugins that just got out of the way to allow you to create the website that converts like you want. For example, the Thrive Content builder is a visual content editor for WordPress, but you don’t have to do it in the backend; you…

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