Product Listing Ads (Plas)

  • Your Ultimate Google Shopping Exam Checklist

    … devices can see Product Listing Ads? There are some very big picture, and easily reasoned, questions sprinkled throughout the exam. Do yourself a favor and don’t overthink them. Merchant Center When it comes to the Merchant Center, your best bet is to double check the account creation process: getting your website claimed & verified…

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  • Give Your Product Feed The Attention It Deserves

    … At this point, any ecommerce advertisers who aren’t running Google Shopping campaigns (or have at least tried them) are being left in the dust. According to RKG’s Q4 2014 Digital Marketing Report, Shopping ads drove 51% more clicks and 45% greater ad spend year over year. Take Shopping management a step further and you have the upload…

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  • Top Products Or All Products? The Google Shopping Debate

    … I’ve heard this question before, the most recent being on Twitter from Sam Gordon: Do any of you only include only top products in your shopping feed, instead of all products? Wanting my most relevant ads to show #ppcchat — Sam Gordon (@SamGordonPPC) February 9, 2015 My answer to this (and the others like it) is: “it depends”. Don’t stone…

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  • Don’t Let Google Shopping Campaigns Trip You Up

    … It’s been just about a year since Google officially replaced Product Listing Ads (PLAs) with the new and updated Shopping campaigns. Shopping campaigns provide everything an online shop could want: prime real estate on search pages, attention grabbing images, and hyper relevance to searcher intent. Yet, for all their great aspects…

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  • The New Features In Google Shopping Scripts

    … with using scripts in your Google Search campaigns, you may want to review those as well for additional support on the Google Developer site or here on PPC Hero. Everything changes once you land at the ad group level. Google has introduced new entities to represent product groups, which are built differently than ad groups. Rather than use…

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  • PPC – The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    … The Basics of PPC PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a form of online advertising in which advertisers accrue costs when users click their ads. Advertisers bid on keywords and audience types, which a search engine matches to user search queries and predefined lists, and then displays ads. PPC is used for all types of campaign goals, including…

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  • My 2014 Google Shopping Wishlist

    …, then note the changes here and bookmark this page so you can read it in depth (and probably even memorize it) at a later point. Keyword Targeting Delete Option for 'All products' Product Group Ability to Exclude Keywords in the Search Term Report Impression Share for Specific Products Enhanced Product Search in Google Merchant Center Products Tab…

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  • Seven Smart Standards for Google Shopping

    Seven Smart Standards for Google Shopping May 23, 2013 By Guest Blogger This is a guest post by Jacques van der Wilt, the founder of WordWatch and DataFeedWatch. Google Shopping replaced the free Google Product Search in October 2012. If you look at a Product Listing Ad (PLA), you immediately see why this ad-type is much more powerful.

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  • Product Listing Ads: The Power of Segmentation

    Product Listing Ads: The Power of Segmentation May 2, 2013 By Guest Blogger This is a guest post by James Kelly, Senior SEM Analyst of National Positions. Product Listing Ads have grown immensely in popularity over the last year and many articles have been written detailing the importance of getting them live.

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