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  • Changing On-Page Behavior with Sticky Navigation and Data-Driven Design

    … move around the content while secretly showing you the cool things you can do with Unbounce ;) What is Data-Driven Design? (3D) Data-Driven Design is an 8-step collaborative optimization process designed to help your marketing team work together to increase conversions, but more importantly, to develop empathy for your customers and your coworkers…

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  • 4 Ways to Use Advanced Triggers & Targeting to Craft Delightful Popups

    … in a few ideas, and in the rest of today’s Product Awareness Month post I’ll explain how four of these concepts work, including some live demos because it’s really easy and fun to do with Unbounce. Fair warning. Some of these ideas are a little “out there”. However, I find that being a little ridiculous helps unlock your creativity. And we all…

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  • 9 Creative Sticky Bar Examples – Plus 21 New Unbounce Templates

    … that you can use until you deal with the new legislation. #8 Microsite Navigation Another example from earlier in Product Awareness Month. You can use a Sticky Bar as the connective global navigation that turns a group of landing pages into a microsite. A really simple way to create a multi-page marketing campaign experience. #9 Net Promoter Score…

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  • A Blueprint for the Perfect Popup: Structured Design for Unstructured Marketers

    … Is it possible to design the perfect popup? One so fiercely potent that people just can’t refuse to convert? Of course not. As small as seemingly simple as a popup is, it’s still important to understand a little about its anatomy. There are five primary elements to make up the architecture of a popup, and then there’s a layer of interaction…

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  • How to Turn a Long Landing Page Into a Microsite – In 5 Easy Steps

    … that many higher education landing experiences are four-page microsites. The pharmaceutical industry tends to create microsites for every new product campaign – especially those driven by TV ads. What are the benefits of a microsite over a long landing page? To reiterate, for most marketing campaign use cases, a single landing page – long or short…

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  • 11 Awesome Popup Design Examples – Scored by The Delight Equation

    … I admit it. I’m a geek. Or am I a nerd? Definitely not a dweeb, but probably a keener (that’s a Canadian term). One of my favorite things to do (as a marketer) is to reverse-engineer marketing experiences – good and bad – to define an equation that can be used to score them. It’s primarily a heuristic exercise, but I find it’s an incredibly…

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