• 12 steps to quick infoproduct creation

      An important part of the success of your online business — and getting your message out to the world — is creating infoproducts. These are products that help people in some way or another — they solve a problem, for example. An infoproduct can range from a short report to an e-book to a 1-hour video lesson to a multi-part course. In fact, you should have a range of infoproducts.

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  • Should you buy PLR (private label rights) products?

    … I’m continuing to respond to those of you who completed my survey a few months ago. I received this question… “I don’t actually have an online business yet. I was thinking of private label products or the like. What do you think?” What is PLR and why would you want to use it? PLR is pre-written content that you buy and can then use pretty much…

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  • Using the 3 types of content

    … consumption/training materials to create multiple products. You can change the format or how you sell it. Here are some examples: Use the script of a webinar to turn it into an e-book or report Turn a series of blog posts into an e-book or Kindle book Turn your slides from a webinar into a video (narrate or record it) Take an older product that isn’t selling…

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  • 2 ways to promote products: Ongoing vs a launch

    … Obviously, you have to promote your products. But how? One aspect is the media and partners you use. The other aspect has to do with timing. From that point of view, you can promote your products in 2 ways: Ongoing: You can continually market your products in autoresponders, on your website, in emails and with ads Launch: You can create…

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  • 4 techniques to package coaching services

    … When you provide 1-on-1 services such as coaching, you’re constantly trying to sell these services and this is a difficult and uncomfortable chore for many people, including me. You should have a funnel of products and a series of autoresponders that bring potential 1-on-1 clients to the point where they’re ready for these more expensive options…

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  • Why you need to write an e-book

    … If you don’t have an e-book that you’re selling on your website, the time to get it done is now! Why you need an e-book There are several reasons why you need an e-book. But first let me explain what I mean by an e-book. I’m talking about a PDF document that you sell from your website. You have a sales page that describes the e-book and people…

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  • Anatomy of a free affiliate arrangement

    … An effective way to partner with someone is to offer unlimited future commissions in return for sending people to your website to get some free bonuses. Why is this type of affiliate arrangement so effective? Lots of people will sign up for the free products, because they don’t have to buy anything. This makes the technique a powerful way…

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  • Create free Buy Now buttons in PowerPoint

    … Do you need a great Buy Now button that people will want to click? Or perhaps you need an Add to Cart, Download, or Subscribe button. Get step-by-step instructions for creating your own button in PowerPoint in this 6-minute video. After you create your button, you may need to resize it. You can do that in any image editing software. You can…

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