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  • Writer’s block: Three ways to get over it

    … easy it is to overcome. -Sarah. Writer’s block: Three ways to get over it Leo Tolstoy apparently got writer’s block. That’s pretty remarkable when you consider the length of War and Peace. Apparently he also had 13 kids, and I kind of wonder if that had something to do with it. In a professional sense, I don’t really believe in writer’s block…

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  • Word Crimes: The Bastardization of Our Language

    … mention of things they know and love, but doing so within the parameters of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. “Blurred Lines” was one of 2013’s biggest hits, so sonically borrowing from the song’s producer Pharrell was a good place for Weird Al to start with his latest parody. Peppered with pop culture references like Shiba The Doge, musical…

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