• The Fusion of Social and Programmatic

      Social and programmatic are quickly becoming one buy thanks in large part to the expansion of programmatic solutions giving way to brands that have overcome a siloed buying process. According to an eMarketer study, more than two-thirds of all digital display advertising will be purchased programmatically this year.

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    • 5 Tools for Buying Local Ads in National Publications

      Local audiences are a hot commodity, not just for small businesses, but also for national brands and retailers. Local SMBs and national marketers each make up 36% of spending on locally-targeted advertising, with the last 28% coming from larger local businesses, according to a report from IAB. And while online advertising gets the bulk of the attention, a whopping 87% of local ...

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  • Why every digital advertiser should demand transparency

    … and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Ratko Vidakovic is the founder of AdProfs, a digital advertising consultancy, where he advises businesses how to scale up their paid customer acquisition efforts by combining the power of display advertising with the efficiency of lean startup principles. As a result…

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  • Programmatic comes to native ads

    … Deemed as the solution to the “right message to the right person at the right time,” programmatic advertising aims to place ads in the most effective and efficient way. Instead of mass-marketing an ad to anyone and everyone, the ultimate goal is to reach consumers who would be most interested in your brand, therefore using advertising dollars…

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  • Can you trust your media buying agency?

    … Trust is the foundation of all relationships, particularly those in business. If you didn’t trust your agency or technology partners, you wouldn’t be using them — especially as it relates to your advertising investments. But the old adage, “Trust, but verify,” holds true today, more than ever. Earlier this month, a damning report — produced…

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  • Bypassing the Hurdles to Bring Programmatic to SMB Advertisers

    … Programmatic has remained one of the hottest trends in digital advertising over the past five years, but the increased spending and popularity haven’t come without difficulty or controversy. The latest struggle is on the agency side, where many shops are sprinting to keep up with client demand, trying to integrate programmatic ad buying across…

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  • 12 Reasons Why Video is Changing Everything for Traditional Media

    …, and over 40% responded favorably to personalized ads. The same study showed that nearly 50% of mobile users dislike ads in video content. #12 Programmatic Matures: Private programmatic marketplaces (PMPs) and automated guaranteed trading methods have become popular programmatic tactics for premium inventory, as they most resemble traditional…

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  • Facebook Exchange Shutting Down

    … into programmatic, but (Facebook) hated any idea of outside bidders having access and control (of Facebook ads). Facebook always wants to have everything owned and operated. Companies including Criteo, DataXu, MediaMath and AppNexus were FBX partners, and Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann said in a statement emailed to SocialTimes: FBX has been a very successful…

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