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  • On the internet, advertisers want to know if you’re really a dog

    …, the internet. You could be your true self. Or you could get away from your true self. You were defined by your actions. Now, nearly a quarter of a century later, three of the biggest drivers of change in marketing, advertising and content have one thing in common. Essentially, they are looking to rewrite that cartoon. [Read the full article…

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  • Timeline: Google’s ongoing efforts to address brand safety on YouTube

    As adoption of programmatic and retargeting ad buying has grown, brand safety — while certainly a concern — has often taken a back seat to reach and the ability to follow customers and site visitors no matter where they went on the web. However, in March 2017, brand safety took on a new sense of urgency in the advertising community after ads were reported showing next to extr ...

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Land- 12 readers -
  • Is retargeting dying?

    … Third-party cookies have become the black sheep of digital advertising. Apple’s Safari browser has blocked them. Google’s Chrome — now becoming an arbiter of ad quality — makes it relatively easy to avoid them. And some ad blockers can’t tolerate them. Plus, GDPR will hit them hard next year in Europe and possibly elsewhere (since European…

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  • AOL launches SDK-based header bidding for mobile apps

    … To date, header bidding has mostly focused on providing publishers of websites with a way to conduct a unified auction for buyers of their space. This week, AOL is announcing a beta launch of a header bidding solution for native apps. The company says that, to its knowledge, this is the first header bidding for apps that employs software…

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  • For emerging ad exchange NYIAX, it’s back to the future

    … There are a variety of ways to solve the ad tech transparency problem. But, for a new ad exchange, it comes down to combining an old solution with a new one. The exchange, called the New York Interactive Advertising Exchange or NYIAX, has been in a pilot phase since February and expects to be open for business by the end of this year. The old…

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  • At IAB Programmatic Symposium, digital advertising looks to grow up

    … “Like Tom Hanks [in the movie ‘Big,’], we have to grow up.” That’s how Michael Barrett, president and CEO of ad tech firm Rubicon Project, described the central task of digital advertising in his keynote address last week at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Programmatic Symposium in New York City. About 80 percent of all online…

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  • Ad fraud detection: A guide for marketers

    … is a data center IP address. This means that the “visitor” to your page is originating from a hosted server, not a residential or corporate computer. Producing such proof will often get you a refund from your agency or ad-buying platform. 4. Abnormally high CTRs The last warning sign is a phenomenon of which most experienced media buyers are aware…

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