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    • Vistar adds first-party data to out-of-home (OOH) ad targeting through LiveRamp partnership

      Step by step, out-of-home (OOH) advertising is becoming just another kind of online inventory. This week, New York City-based Vistar Media expanded its repertoire through a partnership with data provider Acxiom’s onboarding unit, LiveRamp. According to Vistar CEO Michael Provenzano, this is the first use of first-party customer relationship management (CRM) data for targeti ...

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    • Native advertising, the new marketing workhorse

      Native advertising is fast becoming a powerful digital marketing strategy, as traditional display and banner ads become less and less effective. With internet users increasingly ignoring overt sales tactics, average click-through rates (CTRs) for display ads have fallen over time to 0.17 percent, according to Google.

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    • A different view on viewability

      After reading Google’s report that 56 percent of digital ads marketers paid for never had a prayer of being seen by an actual consumer, one could hear a collective sigh of relief when the Media Rating Council announced a standard for measuring viewability. It wasn’t perfect, but at least advertisers could rest assured that unless 50 percent of their ad was visible in the con ...

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  • Size matters: 5 tips for creating LEAN programmatic creative

    … advertising now accounts for more than two-thirds of all digital display ad spending in the US, but since it calls for multiple ad versions, creative best practices aren’t as widely known or easily executed. Here are five tips for creating effective LEAN ads, particularly for programmatic creative executions. [Read the full article on MarTech…

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  • Pathmatics acquires WhatRunsWhere

    … A still image from a video on the WhatRunsWhere site Santa Monica, California-based Pathmatics allows enterprises to monitor their competitors’ advertising. WhatRunsWhere offers a similar service, but it’s targeted at small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Today, Pathmatics announced that it has acquired WhatRunsWhere. Terms of the deal…

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  • Putting programmatic video back on the radar

    … With video expected to feature in 80 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2019, it’s no wonder traditional advertising budgets are being re-prioritized to reflect this. And as the digital video advertising market continues to expand — with double-digit growth expected annually until 2020 — programmatic video has immense potential…

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  • Facebook shuts down Atlas ad server because it doesn’t serve ad sales

    Facebook’s ad-tech strategy grows ever more insular. Facebook has decided to stop operating its Atlas ad server but continue to run its Atlas measurement tool, the company announced on Friday. As much as the decision was Facebook’s to make — Atlas’s ad server has struggled to attract customers — it shows how centered Facebook’s ad-tech strategy has become around ads sold through Facebook.

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  • A six-pack of predictions for martech

    … In 1908, Hamptons Magazine made a bold prediction: “When the expectations of wireless experts are realized, everyone will have his own pocket telephone and may be called wherever he happens to be … When that invention is perfected, we shall have a new series of daily miracles.” Wow. Predicting the advent of mobile a century in advance — that’s…

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  • The insider’s guide to choosing a programmatic buying platform

    Readers of Marketing Land are surely aware of the opportunity with programmatic advertising, whether from the excellent MarTech Landscape Series or your years of experience. The benefits of programmatic are clear: Using data and technology increases efficiency and improves campaign performance. The next big question, though, is how to actually do it.

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  • Why building relevant ads in a cookie-free world comes down to context

    … Targeted ads work. If the rise of digital has taught marketers anything, it’s that advertising must be highly relevant to achieve any kind of cut-through, but there is one proviso: consumers are willing to accept targeted ads­­ only if they do not intrude on their privacy. According to a Millward Brown survey exploring video — the ad format…

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  • IAB releases schema standard for dynamic content ads

    … rigorous way, eventually supporting the emergence of artificial intelligence in digital advertising, allowing creativity to become even more relevant.” “In the same way programmatic media platforms revolutionized media buying, the IAB’s groundbreaking new standard will fuel the growth of programmatic and dynamic creative, and advance the entire…

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  • Bazaarvoice adds ad targeting platform based on consumer intent

    Bazaarvoice’s visualization of its network. For more than 5000 brands, Bazaarvoice’s cloud-based software allows visitors to rate or review products, or to upload product-related imagery. Now, the Austin, Texas-based company is taking the next step, by announcing a first-party data-based ad platform that targets those visitors with ads and offers relating to the products t ...

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  • If you’re in the U.S., this marketing data company has a psychology profile on you

    Where you are, what you buy, and your age. These are the kinds of attributes that digital marketers commonly employ for targeting. London-based Cambridge Analytica is adding an additional layer: psychology. With U.S. offices in New York City and Washington, D.C., the company is now redirecting its psychological targeting from national security and political clients — includi ...

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  • The evolution of the programmatic superchannel

    … Semantics has always been a key marketing component. That’s how “used cars” became “pre-owned vehicles.” And lately, we’ve seen digital marketers get bogged down in semantic table tennis in the discussion of the terms “multichannel” and “omnichannel.” Six of one, half a dozen of the other? If you can’t distinguish between multichannel…

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