Programmatic Marketing

  • What is Programmatic Advertising & Marketing?

    … opportunity than simple remarketing schemes. Programmatic marketing allows a marketer to set utilize the platform to optimize both the targeting, bidding and execution to maximize the return on investment. The number of leads can be maximized while the cost per lead can continue to be optimized for minimum spend. Yieldr is one such platform…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 46 readers -
  • 5 Secrets to Make Your Programmatic Marketing Successful

    … Marketing is the silver bullet, one-stop solution to increasing sales, then think again. Because that’s only the start. What is programmatic marketing and how does it work? Programmatic marketing is the science of delivering YOUR message, triggered by a specific event, to an already primed customer. These campaigns are designed to drive conversions…

    Zoe Lee Skelton/ ReveNews- 21 readers -
  • Going Programmatic to Get Your Content Seen

    …) Brands and publishers have been using paid links (often at the bottom of articles) for this purpose for some time. But paid links are just the beginning of what’s possible. Programmatic marketing offers a wide range of options for effective content distribution. BuzzFeed, for example, uses Facebook to promote its articles, and what better way…

    Ben Plomion/ Convince and Convertin Social Content- 17 readers -
  • One Tech Stack To Rule Them All: Potential Programmatic Pitfalls

    … for such users, or should they fall back into the prospecting pool? When Site Retargeting Gets Better With Search Data As noted above, search retargeting is not a form of site retargeting. But site retargeting can still make use of search data. An advanced site retargeting campaign, known as programmatic site retargeting, looks at dozens…

    Dax Hamman/ Marketing Landin Display- 31 readers -
  • Why I Went All-In on Content Marketing

    … branding, to direct response initiatives, to social, local, mobile, video, native, and most recently, programmatic. But with all due respect to those powerful types of marketing, there’s one destined to rule them all: content marketing. That’s a conclusion I came to several months ago, when I simply couldn’t ignore the facts. Over 75 percent…

    Brett Lofgren/ The Content Strategistin Content- 15 readers -
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