Progressive Profiling

  • 5 Ways Fashion Retailers Use Contextual Email Marketing

    … of contextual marketing. Progressive profiling If you’re looking to send personalized emails, progressive polling is your ticket to gathering data from your subscribers in a fun, non-intrusive way. Here’s how it works: you send an email asking your subscribers’ preferences between two or more products. To vote, they simply click on the item of their choice…

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  • Progressive Profiling: How to Collect Data for Personalization

    … on demographics, buying behavior and preferences, you need to ask the consumer a number of questions. But increasing the number of form fields from three to just six will decrease conversion rates by 66% (QuickSprout). What does work? Progressive profiling with live polls. Live polling is a form of gamification that lets marketers engage customers…

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  • 4 Ways to Accelerate B2B Lead Acquisition

    … Profiling Since we know that the number of form fields we use impacts conversion rates, utilizing a methodology like progressive profiling can help marketers gather robust amounts of information over time without negatively impacting rates of conversion. This can be accomplished by asking new and unique questions on future subsequent visits. This type…

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