• Wacky Prosper202 Tip #746

    … If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked be about this “problem” with their stats, I’d be able to buy a lot of beer. When checking stats in Prosper202, you may have run into something that looks like this: The above screenshot is from the Analyze > Landing Pages screen. Notice how Clicks is the same as Click Throughs. My landing…

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  • How to use Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL?

    One of the most asked question and confusing tasks in CPA tracking setup is How to use Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL? Its a bit easy and I will try to explain it for you in easy way. So What is Sub-ID Tracking? Sub-ID Tracking is a variable that affiliates use to pass data to a CPA network to be able to identify which click/ID that have generated a conversion.

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  • Jumptap Offer Rotation & Tracking Script for Prosper 202

    … This script is designed to help you track clicks from Jumptap, one of the more popular mobile ad networks. It grabs tracking variables passed by Jumptap and turns them into c variables used by Prosper202. This allows you to see exactly what publisher, keyword/category, handset, and carrier are converting. The script will also rotate offers…

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  • Prosper 202 1.7 Release and Chart disable Mod

    … The long awaited new release of Prosper 202 1.7 is available for download today. Nana has put quite a bit of work into this new version and it looks like it’s a real winner. This new version has some changes to the UI/design as well as some changes under the hood. Here’s your executive summary: UI The UI has been relabeled here and there to make…

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