• Wacky Prosper202 Tip #746

    … If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked be about this “problem” with their stats, I’d be able to buy a lot of beer. When checking stats in Prosper202, you may have run into something that looks like this: The above screenshot is from the Analyze > Landing Pages screen. Notice how Clicks is the same as Click Throughs. My landing…

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  • How to use Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL?

    … or URL that you get from your tracking system like Prosper202 and this code will tell the CPA network to post back or fire a pixel each time a click converting and you will be able to track this conversion from your tracking system without needing to log in to the CPA network. The most important part here is that you can track the clicks and the conversions in real time. Some advertising platforms as Facebook have a delay in its reports and its very important to keep a track while you are using paid advertising. …

    Mahmoud Selman/ selman.usin Affiliate Facebook How To's- 5 readers -
  • Jumptap Offer Rotation & Tracking Script for Prosper 202

    … This script is designed to help you track clicks from Jumptap, one of the more popular mobile ad networks. It grabs tracking variables passed by Jumptap and turns them into c variables used by Prosper202. This allows you to see exactly what publisher, keyword/category, handset, and carrier are converting. The script will also rotate offers…

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  • Prosper 202 1.7 Release and Chart disable Mod

    The long awaited new release of Prosper 202 1.7 is available for download today. Nana has put quite a bit of work into this new version and it looks like it’s a real winner. This new version has some changes to the UI/design as well as some changes under the hood. Here’s your executive summary: UI The UI has been relabeled here and there to make more sense.

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