Prosumer is a portmanteau originally formed by contracting producer with the word consumer. In a commercial environment, it describes a market segment between professional and consumer. For example, a prosumer grade digital camera is a "cross" between consumer grade and professional grade.
Posts about Prosumer
  • Three agency takeaways from the CES madness

    … and improving with their expanding tech kits. For example, FitBug is attempting to move from “another tracking bracelet” toward making sense of all your Nike+ and Fitbit and Withings data to construct a personalized wellness plan. This is a smart approach for the fledgling devices who haven’t managed to become a platform. Work together or die. Creative…

    Digiday- 10 readers -
  • Looking to Enhance Your Website? Upload some Videos!

    …, with only 18% looking for a humorous video. A safe bet is to skip an on screen presence and use simple narration or just use text and music. Quality The quality of the camera you are using will drastically effect your final product. Thankfully the cost of cameras are dropping drastically. Just a few years ago a “prosumer” DSLR cameras would easily…

    Joshua Meehan/ E-Marketing Associatesin Content YouTube- 13 readers -
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