Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. Psychology has the immediate goal of understanding individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases, and by many accounts it ultimately aims to benefit society. In this field, a professional practitioner or researcher is called a psychologist and can be classified as a social, behavioral, or cognitive scientist. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring the physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors.
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  • 6 Psychologically Proven Techniques to Boost Your Conversions in 2017

    … What does a 1961 experiment have to do with boosting website conversions? You’ll find out as you read this article. First, it is important to establish some facts: For every $92 spent on advertising, the average business spends just $1 on conversion — this explains the abysmal conversion rates most businesses have. 99 percent of people who…

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  • Here’s the thing about negativity

    … to not give up as soon as you’re blown off your course. Back yourself and turn to experts and believers to make “team you” even stronger. If you want to work with a team with experience not just in marketing but in the media and psychology, too, contact Lush Digital Media. Like what you’ve read? Sign up to the Lush newsletter for fortnightly advice…

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  • Guaranteed ways to unleash your inner creative beast

    … What do you imagine when you think of a creative person? An artist? A writer? An actor, perhaps? The truth is, every last person on this planet has the ability to be exceptionally creative. The trick lies in allowing yourself — or relearning how — to be creative. You might think, or were told as a youngster, that you are more of an analytical…

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  • The science behind shareable content

    … online content go viral, and role emotions have to play in this phenomenon. They discovered that content with an overall positive sentiment will always win in the shareability stakes – contrary to the popular belief that bad news spreads faster or further than anything positive. And unsurprisingly, high-intensity emotions like awe, anger or anxiety…

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  • Friday Talk: Is There a Buy Button Inside the Brain?

    … Wouldn’t we all like to look inside our customers’ brains? And while we are there, wouldn’t it be great if we could switch a button so people would buy from us? Well, maybe that is possible. Because there might just be a ‘buy button’ inside the brain. Patrick Renvoise is co-author of “Neuromarketing: Understanding the buy button inside your…

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  • 3 Ways to Use Psychology in Your Social Media Marketing

    … Looking for ways to connect with fans on a deeper level? Have you thought about using psychology in your marketing? Implementing basic psychological marketing principles in your social media activities can help you attract, engage, and form emotional bonds with your target audience. In this article, you’ll discover three ways to use…

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  • How to avoid your search marketing campaign falling short of its potential

    …. If we’re making recommendations, our job isn’t to make the recommendations. They’re to make recommendations that are persuasive, that they get implemented. But there’s some good news? Someone’s literally written a book about how to be persuasive. You may have come across it before. “The Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” Robert B. Cialdini…

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  • Understanding our love of visual content

    … We are experiencing an omnipresent visual domination lately and it’s not expected to change any time soon. So what makes us love visual content? Whether it’s an image, or a video, people prefer consuming information in a visual form, as it’s more appealing, which leads to an increased engagement. Human beings are naturally drawn to visual content…

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  • Charles Duhigg on How You Can Use Habit to Influence Customer Behavior

    … Marketing: 5 actionable tips and tactics from your peers at MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 [From MarketingSherpa] Live From MarketingSherpa Summit 2016: Morgan Spurlock and using storytelling in your campaigns Live From MarketingSherpa Summit 2016: 5 steps to telling your team’s story internally Content and Social Marketing: Top takeaways from 6 case studies at MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 [From MarketingSherpa] Marketing …

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  • Stories on the Brain: How to Get Your Message Across

    … When I went freelance in 2012, the question arose of what I should call myself. (I know what some other people would like to call me, but I’m being professional here.) Over the years, I’d become known (and employed) as a copywriter, social media manager, blogger, journalist, digital marketer, SEO writer, event speaker, workshop trainer…

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Results

    … Is your social media audience losing interest? Do you want to tap into your followers’ emotions? Using psychology to connect with your target audience is a powerful way to engage and motivate them to take action. In this article you’ll discover five psychology principles you can use to improve your social media marketing results. Discover…

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  • 5 Psychology Tips to Improve Your Social Media Posts

    … Are you struggling to create social media engagement? Do you want tips to improve your posts? To get more social media engagement, you need to tailor your content to appeal to your audience on an emotional level. In this article you’ll discover five psychology tips to improve engagement on your social media posts. Discover five psychology…

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  • You Are Emailing A Brain

    Everything we see around us becomes a reality thanks to our brains. When you are sending out an email, the subscriber’s brain is where the action takes place. We normally don’t think about which part of the brain is activated by our emails. But luckily there is a science to it. Smart businesses are now looking into the field of psychology and Neuro Marketing.

    Jordie Van Rijn/ GetResponse Blog- 17 readers -
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