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    • Towards a future of work that works for everyone

      The future of work concerns us all. Our grandchildren will have jobs that don’t yet exist, and will live lives we cannot imagine. In Europe, getting the future of work right for individuals, societies and industries means having an open debate about the possibilities right now. We want to be a part of that discussion, and help contribute to a future of work that works for everyone.

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    • Updating our Transparency Report and electronic privacy laws

      Today, we are releasing the latest version of our Transparency Report concerning government requests for user data. This includes government requests for user data in criminal cases, as well as national security matters under U.S. law. Google fought for the right to publish this information in court and before Congress, and we continue to believe that this type of transparenc ...

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  • Google’s fight against human trafficking

    … have criticized Backpage publicly. I understand that when important legislation is being discussed, public debate is robust. That’s how it should be. But on the crucial issue of sex trafficking, we’ve been a deeply committed partner in the fight. Let’s not let a genuine disagreement over the likely unintended impact of a particular piece of legislation obscure that fact. …

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  • A Significant Step Toward Modernizing Our Surveillance Laws

    …. In conjunction with the speech, we proposed a new framework oriented toward policy solutions that recognize legitimate law enforcement interests, respect the sovereignty of other countries, and reflect the reasonable expectation of privacy that users have in the content of their electronic communications. The introduction of the International Communications…

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  • A new look for our Transparency Report

    … times in different styles, our new report is all one consistent design, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re continuing to invest in this report because we’ve seen firsthand how it can help inform and shape the public debate about information online. The data also acts as a lens into significant moments…

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  • Net Neutrality Day of Action: Help preserve the open internet

    … Editor's note: Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action, and we’re sending this email to Take Action, our community focused on issues that are important to the future of the internet. We wanted to share it more broadly so everyone can see how to get involved. The net neutrality rules that protect the open internet are in danger of being…

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  • Digital security and due process: A new legal framework for the cloud era

    … that adhere to baseline due process, human rights, and privacy standards. This legislation would be the critical starting point for the new framework of direct requests. ECPA should also be updated to address what data is available using an ECPA search warrant in a way that serves broader public policy objectives. Law enforcement requests for digital…

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  • Introducing PAX: the Android Networked Cross-License Agreement

    … In Latin, the word pax means “peace.” In the world of intellectual property, patent peace often coincides with innovation and healthy competition that benefit consumers. It is with a hope for such benefits that we are announcing our newest patent licensing initiative focusing on patent peace, which we call PAX. Under PAX, members grant each…

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