• Broadcasters begin to embrace programmatic ad buying

      TV broadcasters have long been hesitant when it comes to the adoption of programmatic advertising techniques, often fearing the risk of commoditization. Yet, slowly but surely, buyers report that more digital inventory from broadcasters is available through programmatic in the upfront market. Such conversations can take place during TV Upfronts in May or from late summer throu ...

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    • Just 15 months old, Tasty is driving BuzzFeed video

      Tasty is not just one of the biggest publishing brands on Facebook; it’s now the driving force behind the BuzzFeed video juggernaut. In September, Tasty’s main Facebook page was the third-biggest video account on Facebook with nearly 1.7 billion video views, according to Tubular Labs. Viewership per video is also staggering: During the last three months, Tasty’s Facebook videos have averaged 22.

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    • ‘We’ve created a monster’: Publishers vent ad tech frustrations

      Relationships between ad tech vendors and publishers are more strained than ever. Over the last five years, programmatic trading has gone from being a peripheral way for publishers to monetize display inventory, to the dominant method for many. More than 60 percent of the £3 billion ($4 billion) digital ad spend in the U.K. was traded programmatically in 2015, according to the IAB.

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  • Three ways publishers are bringing sophistication to e-commerce

    … On Monday, The New York Times announced it had purchased The Wirecutter and its sister site, The Sweethome, for just over $30 million. The deal gives the Gray Lady a new source of income and its first taste of affiliate marketing, a revenue stream publishers have been exploring to supplement display ad revenue. The Times is hardly the first…

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  • For now, TV broadcasters see Facebook Live as marketing

    … to direct you to go see the live game telecast.” While Twitter has started buying broadcast rights to live sports, and a few Facebook-savvy publishers like Bleacher Report and The Lad Bible are doing some live-game broadcasts of their own on the platform, the reality is that live sports on social platforms at scale is still pretty far away. Media partners…

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  • What Future Publishing has learned from using header bidding

    … Magazine group Future, home to titles GamesRadar and TechRadar, is ramping up its header-bidding strategy, having experimented with the tech for the last two years. The publisher, which owns 50 specialist titles across photography, film and gaming, has been investigating the technology, which lets multiple ad tech companies compete…

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  • CNN will bring Anderson Cooper to the Amazon Echo

    … on them. It was also one of the first publishers to nab a spot on Snapchat Discover, and after becoming one of the first publishers to launch news bots on Facebook Messenger, Line and Kik, it’s closing in on two million followers on Line — and has sketched out different strategies for each. Wellen understands that voice-activated assistants like…

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  • Weather Channel’s Neil Katz: Platforms ‘have the power’ — for now

    … are other highlights from the episode, lightly edited for clarity. It’s a good time to be a major social media platform. The rise of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as video distribution platforms with a ton of viewers means many digital media companies are willing to play ball. In some ways, the relationship between Facebook and publishers…

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  • Chart porn: How the FT’s Instagram following has exploded in a year

    The Financial Times has found an unlikely outlet for its charts and graphics: Instagram. A year ago, it had 40,000 followers to its Instagram account. Now, it’s at 286,000, and it’s adding thousands by the day, according to the publisher. “It’s important to make sure we’re not just joining in with what other publications are doing, that we have our distinct voice and identity ...

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  • With one in five users blocking ads, Le Monde cracks down

    … After asking nicely, twice, French publisher Le Monde will get tough with ad-block users, blocking them from content unless they turn off their ad blockers. “We’ll give a more restrictive message that you can’t read an article without turning off the ad blocker,” said head of analytics at the publisher, Pierre Buffet. This will see it take…

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  • How Quartz makes sure it’s a global brand

    … U.S.-based publishers often have to retrofit their brands for overseas audiences when they expand internationally. That’s not the case with Quartz. It set out to be a global, mobile-first publication for the business set from the get-go when the Atlantic Media Company launched it in 2012. Today, 47 percent of its audience of 18 million comes from…

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  • The Lad Bible gets into live sports broadcasting

    … Viral-bro publisher The Lad Bible is the latest to get into sports broadcasting, thanks to Facebook Live. On Saturday Lad Bible is live-streaming a boxing match between unbeaten cruiserweight Sam Hyde and former Olympian Blaise Menduou from its sports offshoot the Sports Bible, which has nearly 9 million Facebook fans. This is not Lad Bible’s…

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  • Snapchat’s new terms raise questions for media brands’ Snapchat teams

    … Snapchat wants to stop sharing ad revenue with its media partners and pay them licensing fees instead. That means guaranteeing publishers a payday up front, while limiting what they might earn in the long run. The move could have implications for media outlets that have built up dedicated Snapchat staffs — sometimes of upwards of 10 people. It’s…

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  • Facebook-thirsty publishers turn to celebrities to worm into the news feed

    … Facebook is choking off reach in the news feed, so publishers are getting more creative with how to get their content in front of audiences there. One popular method: pay celebrities for sharing it. Visit the page of a celebrity like Star Trek’s George Takei to see how this works. Takei, who has 9.8 million followers on Facebook, has…

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  • Why newsrooms are expanding their data teams

    … Publishers have gotten data religion. A few years ago, publishers began enlisting data scientists to help with audience building and monetization. But back in 2014, publisher data teams usually consisted of only a person or two. Since then, several publishers have expanded their number of full-time data experts. And their roles have grown too…

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