• Can you hear me now?: Voice picks up steam as bot hype fades

    … In 2016, an unusually high number of bright, shiny objects were waved in the faces of media executives: Virtual reality! Live video! Artificial intelligence! Personalization! Voice! Bots! Like all good media executives, many of them pounced, and by the end of 2016, publishers big and small were declaring they’d opened VR studios, built bot…

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  • Third-party measurement is no magic bullet

    … Facebook has a trust problem. The first time it announced a metrics screwup, advertisers shrugged. The next time, they raised an eyebrow. By the third time, they had to wonder what was going on. “This news has put a level of doubt or mistrust in our clients that is a hurdle we have had to overcome,” said Kevin Wright, director of social media…

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  • Will the duopoly face government intervention?

    … In response to spiraling violence in parts of Chicago, President Trump vowed to “send in the feds.” Some in media wonder if the industry might need the same. Most expect an extremely business-friendly administration. (Take a look at the stock market.) But two of the biggest companies that have a lot to lose in D.C. are Facebook and Google…

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  • Brands are promoting Muslim inclusivity in Trump’s America

    … Two schoolgirls, dressed in hijabs, engage in casual banter in Farsi while packing up their books after class. As they leave the classroom, one of them confidently begins rapping, in English, along with “Alphabet Aerobics” by Blackalicious as she strides down the school corridor. The YouTube Music ad, part of a campaign to show the diversity…

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  • These MIT grads are having their 15 minutes of programmatic fame

    … Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve seen the seemingly ubiquitous native ad that’s been running since October with some variation of the headline, “Meet the two MIT grads that have disrupted the auto insurance industry” over a photo of two fresh-faced young women. The headline directs to a performance ad for a Cambridge…

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  • How Jessica Lessin used her reporting chops to build The Information

    … As a young reporter in her 20s at The Wall Street Journal, Jessica Lessin developed a reputation for her dogged coverage of tech and media companies. Her inside story about the legal battle between media titans John Malone and Barry Diller was a front-page sensation. Kara Swisher called her “always deft” while Peter Kafka wrote of how she “owned…

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