The domain name бг (abbreviation of Bulgarian: България, Bălgarija) was a proposed internationalized country code top-level domain (IDN ccTLD) for Bulgaria. The ASCII DNS name of the domain would be xn--90ae, according to rules of the Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications procedures.It has been rejected by ICANN twice, due to its visual similarity to .br, and the three-letter substitute .бгр will most likely be proposed next.
Posts about .Бг
  • After long battle, first Bulgarian IDN domain goes live

    … to it does work. The new ccTLD, which is .xn--90ae in the DNS, was delegated last week. The registry is Imena.bg (which also means “names.bg”), based in Sofia and partially owned by Register.bg, the .bg registry. Despite the long battle, the success of .бг is by no means assured. IDNs have a patchy record worldwide. It’s true that Russians went nuts…

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 12 readers -
  • Bulgaria and Greece win IDN ccTLDs on appeal

    … by the European Union over the Greek .ευ was rejected on the grounds that the string is too confusingly similar to .EV and .EY when in upper case. Confusing strings should not be delegated, under ICANN rules, due to the risk of exacerbating the prevalence of security risks such as phishing attacks. Bulgaria’s initial request for .бг was turned…

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 4 readers -
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