• Now new gTLDs are being scapegoated for child abuse material (rant)

    … pedophiles registering domains in child-oriented domains such as .kids. He’s written to the UK prime minister, the two other ministers with the relevant brief, the US federal government and the California attorney general to make these demands. That’s despite the fact that he freely acknowledges that he does not have any evidence of a problem in existing…

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  • .web has an auction date

    … in with Vistaprint’s application for .webs, which lost a String Confusion Objection filed by Web.com. Under ICANN rules, .webs is confusingly similar to to Web.com’s .web, but not to the other six .web applications. This means that Vistaprint and Web.com basically are fighting a mini contention set auction to see who gets their applied-for gTLD…

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  • No, .kids isn’t a community either

    … DotKids Foundation has comprehensively lost is .kids Community Priority Evaluation. The company’s CPE results came out at the weekend (pdf), showing a score of 6 out of the 16 available points, a long way short of the 14-point passing score. Like other “community” new gTLD bids before it, .kids failed because the Economist Intelligence Unit…

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