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  • Monday Catch-up: Yahoo, Ad Fatigue and Nurturing Leads

    …, register for our upcoming webinar below. Guiding the Consumer Through the Funnel: Steps for Email Acquisition and Nurturing We’ve partnered with Taboola to bring you a webinar on how to acquire and nurture new leads. Join us on January 20, 2016 at 11 am EST on how to engage your audience at every stage of the marketing funnel. In this webinar you…

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  • Why The Purchase Funnel is Important For Your Campaign Structure

    … PPC strategy, we can increase our chances of being top of mind when that user decides to make a purchase. The First Interaction Let me show you the purchase funnel: Image Source The campaign structures I mention above fit more towards the Consideration and Purchase sections of the funnel, where a user is actively looking to buy. While…

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  • Content’s Crucial Role in The New Marketing and Sales Funnel

    … Content Marketing, Executive's Corner, Owned Media Published 2 hours ago | By: Larry Levy Content marketing: We know it’s all the rage, and that marketing departments B2B and B2C alike are pouring ever increasing time and money into their efforts. But what exactly are firms attempting to accomplish when they say they’re “doing content…

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  • Is the Purchase Funnel Still Valid for Content Planning?

    …. Specifically, one of the questions I discuss in my book is “With the rise of social media and fragmented marketing channels, is the purchase funnel still valid for content planning?” Below are my thoughts, some which are also found in my book. The Purchase Funnel In 1898, Elias St. Elmo Lewis created the modern concept of the purchase funnel. He…

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  • Understanding the Complexity of the Booking Journey

    … Understanding the path to booking for most traveler shoppers can be very complex especially when it comes to different devices. The path to booking will vary depending on the device a traveler is using and which search engines, OTA or meta search sites they are searching from. It is imperative that hoteliers be aware that consumer behavior shifts…

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