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  • Monday Catch-up: Yahoo, Ad Fatigue and Nurturing Leads

    … recently underwent a makeover to celebrate its 18th birthday with the goal of improving user experience. Improvements were made to search filters, security, and design elements. MarketingProfs is offering five helpful marketing tips to deal with the changes. The unexpected fallout from post-purchase communications Purch, a content and media…

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  • Why The Purchase Funnel is Important For Your Campaign Structure

    We all know the typical structure for campaign build outs. Usually we segment by product type, theme, or category. Our keyword lists are filled to the brim of purchase-intent phrases such as “buy __” or “order ___ online”. This strategy is great and all, but those who are still in the top of the funnel are a bit neglected.

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  • Content’s Crucial Role in The New Marketing and Sales Funnel

    … Content Marketing, Executive's Corner, Owned Media Published 2 hours ago | By: Larry Levy Content marketing: We know it’s all the rage, and that marketing departments B2B and B2C alike are pouring ever increasing time and money into their efforts. But what exactly are firms attempting to accomplish when they say they’re “doing content…

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  • Is the Purchase Funnel Still Valid for Content Planning?

    … divides consumer interest and behavior into four stages (AIDA)[1]: You may have seen this as a version that includes sell-up and post sale support: If you search the Internet for “purchase journey” or “purchase funnel”, you will see various versions of the purchase funnel framework with different stages being added or modified. But the core concept…

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  • Understanding the Complexity of the Booking Journey

    …. Nearly half of leisure travelers used a smartphone during the research and evaluation stage and went on various sites like review sites, OTAs, social media, meta search engines and the hotel’s mobile site to get the information they needed to make a decision. This study also reveals that consumers are using mobile web browsers more often than…

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