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Push, or server push, describes a style of Internet-based communication where the request for a given transaction is initiated by the publisher or central server. It is contrasted with pull, where the request for the transmission of information is initiated by the receiver or client.
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    • Sony Launches PlayStation Communities App on iOS, Android

      Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the release of a PlayStation Communities application on iOS and Android. The app allows PlayStation 4 users to keep in touch with other gamers with similar interests. PlayStation’s communities are social groups that are focused on specific games. For instance, one group may help users find other Destiny players to team up with.

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  • Facebook Customizable Push Campaigns for Apps Are Out of Beta

    …, without the need for coding each specific instance, and those cards can be customized with photos, emoji, GIFs, buttons and other elements, and Ni shared the following potential uses for those notifications: New features: in-app notifications are an eye-catching way to let people know about a new feature in your app–for example, if a ride sharing app…

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  • 7 Insights to Help Refine Your App Notification Strategy

    … There’s a fine line between being effective and being annoying when it comes to push notifications. Too many notifications can lead to overload, while too few notifications can lead to users abandoning applications and services. However, well-timed and well-targeted push notifications can increase retention and conversion. Tapjoy studied more…

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  • More New Features for Facebook’s Analytics for Apps

    … Facebook released more new features for its Analytics for Apps: support for web analytics, improved cross-device analytics, user properties and updated sharing insights. The social network introduced Analytics for Apps at F8 in March 2015, and updates have included the addition of custom audiences and lookalike audiences last October…

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  • App Developers: It’s Time to Focus on Retention Strategies (Report)

    … shows a retention rate of less than 4 percent and an acquisition cost of $1 million, leading to a loss of more than $900,000. Apps need a retention strategy to reduce this massive loss. Push notifications were shown to increase retention up to 20 percent. Personalizing notifications, by sending them at the optimal time, increased the mean retention…

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  • Facebook Beefs Up Analytics for Apps

    … Facebook launched several new features and an improved design for its Analytics for Apps free mobile analytics solution. The social network introduced Analytics for Apps at its F8 global developers’ conference in March 2015. Product manager Josh Twist said in a blog post that the features being added to Analytics for Apps are people insights…

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  • Adobe: Mobile Accounts for 52% of Digital Travel-Related Browsing

    … must refine and simplify the mobile experience and unify customer data to better personalize and improve payment processes. On top of this, the most innovative brands will leverage the biggest shift we see happening in the industry today: the blending of digital and physical experiences. More location-aware services will provide consumers…

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  • iOS Push Notifications Have a 41% Opt-In Rate (Infographic)

    … Accengage released the 2016 edition of its Push Notifications Benchmark. The study analyzed 38 billion push notifications sent to 750 million application users during 2015 to reveal push notification opt-in rates and reaction rates across multiple app industries. Across all industries, Accengage found that push notifications had a 71 percent…

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  • Tumblr Partners With YouNow, YouTube, Kanvas, Upclose on Live Video

    Tumblr followed up Monday’s teaser announcement about Tuesday’s launch of live video with more details. The blogging platform is not launching a tool for users to create live videos, such as Facebook Live or Twitter’s Periscope application. Instead, Tumblr is teaming up with YouNow, YouTube, Kanvas and Upclose to create “a publishing and discovery platform for live video” ...

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  • Facebook’s Notify App Notifies Users of Its Demise

    … content providers, referred to as channels, and customize the topics they wished to receive notifications about. Product manager Julian Gutman said in a November Newsroom post announcing its launch: To create your personal mix of notifications you select the stations from which you want to receive updates. Sources … will publish notifications…

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  • Push Notifications Are Important But Watch the Overload (Infographic)

    … notifications are about 60 percent, but they fluctuate in various verticals. For gambling and business apps, the opt-in rates are sometimes up to 76 percent, while the rates are lower for finance and media apps. As resistant as users may be to push notifications, they do work when it comes to retention. The 30-day retention rate for apps that use push…

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  • Smartphone Users Overloaded With Apps They Don’t Use (Report)

    … Smartphone and application use have become an addiction for many users. Some use dozens of apps and receive scores of notifications every day as a result. Data from mobile app developer Delvv demonstrates how users interact with apps and notifications in a crowded environment. Of the 500 users surveyed by Delvv, 45 percent checked…

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  • App Makers Missing the Mark on Engagement (Infographic)

    …. Users also reject engagement efforts from businesses, mostly because it seems that businesses don’t understand how to engage. 52 percent of people view push notifications as annoying, and 25 percent of apps are used only once. Users are not getting the experience they want or desire from the apps available to them. Marketers themselves…

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  • Personalization Boosts App Engagement (Infographic)

    … We know that personalization works when it comes to engagement and conversion. We also know marketers still have trouble with it. Personalization can do much more, especially when companies have access to applications and push notifications. A report from Leanplum examines the large impact personalization can make. Personalization can…

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