Quality Raters

  • Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide – What SEOs Need to Know

    … Google has completely rewritten the Quality Ratings Guideline, the resource that their team of quality raters uses to rate websites for Google. This one is a brand new version, rewritten from the ground up, so it isn’t just a refresh of the old one (and most doesn’t even resemble any of the old Guidelines that SEOs scrutinized in detail…

    Jennifer Slegg/ The SEM Postin Google- 50 readers -
  • The Role of Reputation in the Google Quality Rating Guidelines

    …. Of course, it also raises the question about how badly reputation could be manipulated if Google does make it enough of the algo that SEOs could attempt to game it. How are quality checkers checking reputation? Google isn’t just about checking places like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and online review sites like Yelp. Instead they ask their raters…

    Jennifer Slegg/ The SEM Postin Google- 19 readers -
  • All About Supplementary Content in the Google Quality Rater’s Guidelines

    There’s been a lot of speculation about the Supplementary Content that Google refers to extensively in their new Google Quality Rater’s Guidelines that the company recently rewrote. One of the things they want raters to check for is whether or not there’s helpful Supplementary Content that enhances a webpage, and ensuring there’s no Supplementary Content , such as obtrusive or ...

    Jennifer Slegg/ The SEM Post- 24 readers -
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