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Quality Score is a variable used by Google, Yahoo! (called Quality Index), and Bing that can influence both the rank and cost per click (CPC) of ads.To determine the order in which ads are listed, each ad has the following formula run against it: bid * Quality Score. Ads are then listed in descending order based on the result of that equation. The exact weight of Quality Score versus bid has not been revealed by any of the major search engines, and each company has stated that they reserve the right to continually adjust their ranking methodologies.
Posts about Quality Scores
  • Become a Google AdWords Expert in 28 Days

    … the art and science behind the ads you run in AdWords. Lesson 7: Quality Scores An algorithm that rates the effectiveness of your ads. It can be your best friend or worst nightmare. Learn how to use it to your advantage! Lesson 8: AdWords Auction and Bidding Strategies How do you maximize your results while minimizing your ad spend? Here are some…

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  • 30 PPC Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Competition – Part 2

    …. Whether it be countries that you may no longer ship to or counties/states that you’re no longer interested in advertising to, now is the time to get rid of them. 5. Optimize Your Landing Pages After making all of your keyword and ad copy changes, make sure all of your landing pages remain relevant and maintain good Quality Scores. You could also…

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  • Account Structure and Reporting in Excel

    … (in this example on locations): The structure of the account makes it easy to report on different parts of the business through simple pivot tables. You can create tabs for new pivot tables that show data in different ways, just be sure to include anything you might want to report on or optimize in the naming convention of your campaigns. Also…

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  • Panda Audit 101: The Roadmap to Complete Panda Recovery

    … an assistant, consider adding columns for WMT data manually. The second step is to weed out duplicate content. Panda hates duplicate content, and it is one of the primary triggers to the diminished Quality Scores that have plagued so many webmasters since Panda’s release. Finding and removing it requires some help from Copyscape. You can use a feature…

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  • What is a good Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

    … ad position can affect CTR. For example, an ad in position 1 most likely will have a higher CTR than an ad in position 7. Competition: If there is something in a competitor’s ad that catches a user’s eye, then they may not click on your ad. If a competitor has a more compelling call to action, you may lose out on clicks. High Quality Scores…

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  • PPC Account Structuring and Campaign Building in Excel

    … categories. Keeping a consistent structure according to what your client targets can be very important. In the below example the account kept a campaign structure of: “Location_Category” and an Ad Group structure of “Subcategory_Match Type”. This allows advertisers to set up an excel sheet like the one below for any sort of campaign build outs…

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  • 5 Seriously Powerful but Underused Google AdWords Features

    … people realize that 67.5% of the ads that count as "display" are still actually just plain, old text ads. These, for example: …are all text-based display ads. Why is this important? Because the same tactics you use to optimize your text ads to increase your CTR and therefore your Quality Score still apply here. As we know, raising your Quality…

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  • Managing an Education PPC Account. What You Need to Know

    … to gain CTR and quality score advantages, including employment keywords in ads was being construed as a promise of employment. Advertisers are also limited in how they incorporate keyword modifiers such as ‘degrees’, or ‘certifications’ into ad copy. For instance, if a school does not offer a degree or certification program, inserting those keywords…

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  • 9 Tips To Stretch a Small PPC Budget

    … reviewed and can instantly create a sense of trust. Of course, keep an eye on that review monitor. There are a few more Ad Extensions you can have, learn about them here with examples for each one. #8 – Analyze Quality Scores for the Long Run The Quality Score of your landing page relevant to your ad can help in reducing costs. Raven created…

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    The pay-per-click advertising landscape is ever changing. Google alone adds hundreds of new features each year, not to mention the dozens other emerging and existing PPC platforms. So how do you know which campaigns to prioritize, what new features to try, and where to cut back for the most success? Join Larry Kim of WordStream and Thue Madsen of KISSmetrics for an exclusive we ...

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