For other sports often called "paddleball", see Paddleball (sport).Racquetball is a racquet sport played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor or outdoor court. Joseph Sobek is credited with inventing the modern sport of racquetball in 1950 (the outdoor, one-wall game goes back to at least 1910 in N.Y.C.), adding a stringed racquet to paddleball in order to increase velocity and control. Unlike most racquet sports, such as tennis and badminton, there is no net to hit the ball over, and, unlike squash, no tin (out of bounds area at the bottom of front wall) to hit the ball above.
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    … was fairly accurate, though it included an interest in Fiat for some unknown reason (I’ve never owned a Fiat and am not in the market for a new car). Racquetball wasn’t listed as an interest, perhaps I should do more searches for racquetball or watch more racquetball videos on YouTube? Poll Do you prefer to see targeted ads? Vote in today’s poll and tell…

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