• Ramchandani promoted to Radix CEO

      New gTLD registry Radix has appointed long-time business head Sandeep Ramchandani as CEO. He’s replacing Bhavin Turakhia, who is CEO of parent company Directi and executive chairman of Radix. Ramchandani had a lot of autonomy as business head and VP of the company and, in my view, has been basically CEO in all but name for years.

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  • Radix claims 77% renewal rates after two years

    … them. Radix also said that 86% of domains registered during the three TLDs’ sunrise periods and Early Access Periods are still being renewed, with .tech at 92% and .site at 88%. Tweet Tagged: .online, .site, .tech, new gTLDs, radix, renewals …

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  • Google shifts 400,000 .site domains

    … Google has given away what is believed to be roughly 400,000 subdomains in Radix’s .site gTLD as part of a small business web site service. Since its launch a couple of months ago, the Google My Business web site builder offering has been offering small businesses a free one-page site with a free third-level domain under business.site. Google…

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  • EFF recommends against new gTLDs

    … support for .onion, the pseudo-TLD available only to users of the Tor browser and routing network, which the EFF is a long-term supporter of. The report makes TLD recommendations for “security against trademark bullies”, “security against identity theft and marketing”, “security against overseas speech regulators” and “security against copyright bullies…

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  • Spot all the Easter eggs in this Radix mannequin viral [NSFW]

    … Domain registry Radix has shamelessly jumped on the “mannequin challenge” meme bandwagon, with the release of video plugging its forthcoming .fun gTLD. It’s quite slickly produced, on the face of it shot in a single unbroken take (though I suspect there are a few edits hidden in the motion blur), but the real fun for me, as someone who’s…

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  • Radix acquires .fun gTLD from Warren Buffett

    … New gTLD portfolio player Radix has acquired the pre-launch TLD .fun from its original owner. The company took over the .fun Registry Agreement from Oriental Trading Company on October 4, according to ICANN records. Oriental is a party supplies company owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. It won .fun in a private auction in April…

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  • Donuts joins fight to delay .web gTLD auction with emergency appeal

    … Donuts and Radix have filed an “emergency” appeal with ICANN in an attempt to get the forthcoming auction for the .web gTLD delayed. The companies, both of which have applied for .web, say they have evidence that one of their rival bidders recently changed ownership without telling ICANN, in breach of application rules. They filed a Request…

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  • Radix joins the Hollywood content police

    …, which aims to avoid ICANN/government regulation by creating voluntary best practices for the industry. The advantage of a voluntary arrangement is that there’s no risk of a terminal sanction — such as losing your registry contract — if you fail to live up to its terms. Radix’s portfolio includes .website, .space, .online and .tech. It’s also a .music and .web applicant. Tweet Tagged: ICANN, mpaa, new gTLDs, piracy, radix …

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  • Donuts wins .doctor

    … Donuts has emerged the victor of the .doctor gTLD contention set. Competing applicants Radix and The Medical Registry both withdrew their applications last week. The string wasn’t due to head to its ICANN last-resort auction until May 25, indicating that the contention set was settled privately. .doctor has been the subject of some…

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