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  • Try the Rainmaker Platform for Free (No Credit Card Required)

    … A lot has happened since we launched Rainmaker two years ago. What started as an easier, more secure, and maintenance-free way to build a powerful website has become a complete digital marketing and sales solution. The website aspects of the Platform are even more powerful, and are now complemented by integrated email, marketing automation…

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  • 3 Resources to Help Your Content-Driven Website Flourish

    … and we’re moving toward a new beginning. And we don’t have to impatiently wait for this change to occur — a powerful, content-driven website works for your business any time of the year. You can start building or expanding yours today. This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you: How to discover…

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  • Last Day: Get Rainmaker Standard Before It’s Gone

    … This is it. The last day of Rainmaker Standard’s existence. After today, there will be no more Rainmaker Standard and no more Rainmaker Pro. There will simply be the Rainmaker Platform. It’s everything you need — an all-in-one total online marketing solution that gives you the ability to create meaningful online experiences for your audience…

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  • Free Webinar: Make Your Content Adaptive with Marketing Automation

    … customers into repeat customers. Next week, in our latest free Rainmaker Platform webinar, Brian Clark is going to explain what you need to know to plan a smart adaptive content strategy, and I’m going to show you how to use marketing automation to execute it. The live event takes place on Thursday, December 17, 2015, starting at 3:30 p.m. Eastern…

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  • How to Use an Iterative Loop to Dominate Your Niche

    Here at Rainmaker Digital, we’re riding an iterative loop. It’s how we do business. We listen, we create, we offer, we improve, and the cycle goes on. Approaching your content strategy as an iterative loop will help you create useful, in-demand information that serves your customers and builds your business. Out in the business world, this approach is called design thinking.

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  • Why LinkedIn and the Rainmaker Platform Make a Perfect Match

    … On The Missing Link, host Sean Jackson and Mica Gadhia welcome Dylan Jones, one of their very helpful Missing Link LinkedIn group members, to share about his solid success with LinkedIn and how he drives traffic to his site that’s built on the Rainmaker Platform. No, Sean and Mica did not pay him with cash, chocolates, or even booze to share…

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  • Free Webinar: Build a Business Around Paid Courses and Membership Sites

    … and effective In our fourth Rainmaker Platform webinar, Brian Clark and I are going to discuss a couple of these tried-and-true models: courses and membership sites. These are models that Rainmaker Digital has extensive experience not just discussing and teaching, but actually doing (over and over). Our previous webinar laid out the big picture strategy…

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  • Free Webinar: Build an Email List That Builds Your Business

    … a smart email strategy that builds your list fast Then I’ll give you a detailed demonstration of how you can use the Rainmaker Platform to do it. Space is limited, so please don’t wait to register: Register for Free: Build a Responsive Email List with Rainmaker This one hour could make years of difference for your business. About the author…

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  • The Cure for Impostor Syndrome and Other Crises of Confidence

    … robust to create an ever richer, more exceptional experience for your learners. I realize this is all a little abstract, and it might be hard to see just how you would use a Learning Management System. That’s why Jerod Morris and Copyblogger’s founder Brian Clark are hosting a free webinar class on how these tools (as well as some sweet new…

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