• How Jay Baer Is Navigating New Waters with His Latest Digital Product

      This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur wants to hug you … even if you hate him! He founded one of the world’s most popular online resources for marketers and business owners, hosts one of the world’s most influential social media and marketing podcasts, and is the author of several exceptional books.

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    • The ‘Obligatory’ Structure of Effective Content

      Fiction needs what editor Shawn Coyne calls “obligatory scenes” — the elements that satisfy audience expectations and make the book a must-read. Do those elements exist for content? And if so … what are they? Today, Sonia Simone gives her thoughts on the “must-include” elements of a solid content marketing program.

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    • The Inner Makings of a Membership Site Launch, with Stu McLaren

      In this episode of Youpreneur FM, Chris and Stu go into membership site launches, what kind you should consider using and how to keep your site going. They also dive into the details of launching, managing, and marketing your own membership site. Once you’ve decided to take that next big step and create your own membership site, where do you start? What kind of membership sh ...

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  • Is the Novel Dead? Part Two

    … discussion between friends who care about the writing life and its future. Robert Bruce is a writer, voice actor, and copywriter, as well as the Vice President of Rainmaker Digital and the guy who runs the Rainmaker FM podcast network. Adam Skolnick is an award-winning journalist, author, and a returning guest on the show. His first book, One Breath…

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  • 3 Important Lessons about Sponsorships that Will Make You More Money

    … Do you want to make more money from your podcast? Rhetorical question. Of course you do! We all do. One of the clearest paths to revenue with a podcast is sponsorship, but it can also be the most difficult to tap into it, especially for newer or niche shows. In this episode, Jerod shares three lessons he learned recently when he signed a new…

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  • How to Sustain a Profitable Creative Agency

    … On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Brian and Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative. They are a vibrant, creative studio that delivers purpose-driven design and engaging experiences for businesses who want to stand out and step into the spotlight. Brian and Jennifer love challenges and deadlines, and are brand-building, WordPress-wielding, Lego…

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  • How to Find the Optimal Pricing for Your Membership Site

    … Are you struggling to find the right pricing model for your membership site? In this episode, we provide you with a detailed framework to make it an easy decision. Finding this optimal pricing for a membership website can be very difficult. While there are many tactics to improve your pricing strategies, there are not many general frameworks…

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  • Marketing Your Book All the Way to the Bestseller Lists, with Jay Baer

    … In this podcast episode, Chris Ducker sits down with Jay Baer to learn exactly how to become a New York Times bestselling author! Get your notebooks ready! Book marketing is a topic that has come up a lot for me lately. As many of you know, I’ve just wrapped a book that has been traditionally published a while back. Earlier this year, I…

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  • Give Your Book the Best Chance with a Well-Executed Launch

    … The timing of your book’s launch is important. But how important is it? Here’s what really matters when you’re ready to launch your book. In the words of Jeff Goins, “It’s really hard to launch too late and it’s really easy to launch too early.” A good launch can make a book, while a bad launch can damage your credibility as an author, as well…

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  • SEO that Grows Your Business with John Jantsch

    … Of all the components of a holistic online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (“SEO”) seems to mystify many the most. And it’s true that years back, the key to ranking well in Google was a form of dark art. That’s changed in recent years. Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter, and is more distinctly tuned in to what the audience…

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  • Is the Novel Dead? Part One

    … kill books? Of course these are famous — almost cliché — theoretical discussions that writers often chew on over stiff drinks, and they raise hackles for those of us who adore them. What you won’t find here is a highbrow literary dissertation, or even a very strict definition as to what the novel is or isn’t. But you will find a lively…

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  • 7 Powerful Content Strategies Borrowed from Advertising Masters

    … The Copyblogger blog was founded on a simple but powerful idea — that our content (blogs, podcasts, videos) can be strengthened by adapting techniques from the world of direct response copywriting. Today, Sonia drills into some specific techniques and approaches that we can profitably swipe from our direct response brothers and sisters…

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  • The Upside of Setting Outrageous Goals

    … with connections to make the world a better place … In this 46-minute episode, Brandon Lewin and I discuss: The biggest benefit he derives from being a digital entrepreneur Why he finds it imperative to “give away” all the information he possibly can His story on how he got the taste for entrepreneurship at a young age What led him…

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  • How to Use Your Limitations to Create a Unique Selling Proposition

    … We often think of limitations as weaknesses. In reality, they are strengths that will help differentiate your products/services in the market. How do you target the right customers? Who are they and how do you attract them? Every marketer struggles with these questions. But the key to targeting the right customers is in understanding the limits…

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  • How to Identify Potential Guests for Your Show

    … We’re back! And, we hope, better than ever. In our triumphant return to the mics for the beginning of Season 2 of The Showrunner, we tackle a listener topic idea that we’ve had percolating for a while and discuss the best methods for identifying potential guests for your show. Here is the idea, submitted by loyal listener Chris Conner, who…

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  • How to Scale a Freelance Business

    … On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Bill Erickson. Bill is a WordPress Developer, an entrepreneur, a husband, a father, a skier, an avid reader, a gardener, and a winemaker living in Georgetown, TX. He’s been developing with WordPress and contributing to the community since 2006. Bill has written 20 WordPress plugins that have been…

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  • Does Your Homepage Suck?

    … In this episode, we go beyond theoretical concepts and provide practical examples of how to improve the most important page on your website. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And in the online world, that means your homepage matters, a lot — from the first few seconds of your site loading to the way you structure every…

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  • The ‘Heart & Soul’ of Membership Sites, with Mike Morrison

    … Chris talks with Mike of the Membership Guys, and they discuss what it takes to come up with and maintain a membership site. Membership sites have become something of an entrepreneurial pinnacle when it comes to online business. The idea of a regular and recurring income has sparked interest in so many business owners, but what does it really…

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