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  • Building a Real Business: Tips From 9-5 Land

    … are smarter than you, let them do their jobs, help them emotionally invest in work the way you do, and help them be happy. If you want to “be your own boss” start by being the person you’d want to work for. Cheers to the real world, Strov Tagged corpo, grow the fuck up, suits, tips …

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  • I Hate The 1K Rule: Test & Invest

    … Look at all those posts Cheers to 2012! I haven’t posted in a million years, which means like a fine oak barrel i’ve been holding in some well crafted ranting that’s finally ready to be poured down your throats. A constant reminder I preach to myself is to approach campaigns with the same zeal and thoughtfulness that any top notch business…

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  • If You Don’t Buy It Why The Hell Would Anyone Else?

    99% of internet marketers are either lazy or uncreative. Sometimes both. You’d think in a world where the motto is “hustlin & ballin” that nobody would ever dare consider doing anything even remotely lazy, but it happens to us all. No I don’t hate the player, I hate the game baby. (I can’t even fathom saying that in real life with a straight face) What I mean is that af ...

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