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  • Building a Real Business: Tips From 9-5 Land

    … (Obligatory sentence about how I haven’t posted in ages + empty promise to keep doing so + you just want the tips anyway so let’s get down to business) So I’ve been kinda sorta out of the affiliate game for the better part of a year now. I’m still building and managing campaigns, but I’ve actually taken to doing it in a (gasp!) 9-5 marketing…

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  • I Hate The 1K Rule: Test & Invest

    … Look at all those posts Cheers to 2012! I haven’t posted in a million years, which means like a fine oak barrel i’ve been holding in some well crafted ranting that’s finally ready to be poured down your throats. A constant reminder I preach to myself is to approach campaigns with the same zeal and thoughtfulness that any top notch business…

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  • If You Don’t Buy It Why The Hell Would Anyone Else?

    … 99% of internet marketers are either lazy or uncreative. Sometimes both. You’d think in a world where the motto is “hustlin & ballin” that nobody would ever dare consider doing anything even remotely lazy, but it happens to us all. No I don’t hate the player, I hate the game baby. (I can’t even fathom saying that in real life…

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