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  • Introducing Google Dreamsense

    When we last snuck into the Googleplex for lunch we noticed a very interesting whiteboard. It was titled “when don’t people search?” and there were various items listed. Next to “walking around” it had “google glass” written. Next to “driving” it had “autonomous car.” Next to “pooping” was a Google pixel. Next to “my parents” was “chromebook.

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  • What If Crawlers Were on Tinder?

    … After the success of our last viral piece “What if Crawlers were Trees?”*, we’ve decided to beat the corpse of that particular deceased equine and return to the scene of the crime with yet another “What if Crawlers…” post. So batten down your hatches, gird your loins, put the kids to bed, rub some…(get on with it – ed)… erm…and get ready…

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  • How To Write A ’10 Best SEO Blogs You Should Read’ Post

    … SEO is important for the largest brands to the smallest businesses. That’s why there are thousands of blogs dedicated to the topic of making SEO great again! Everyone is cranking out in-depth guides, how-tos, tools, tips, and tricks. However, one thing that is sorely lacking is lists of the best SEO blogs you should be reading. This is one…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Google Penguin Hasn’t Launched Today [EXCLUSIVE!]

    … Breaking news straight outta the Googleplex. No Google Penguin 4.0 update today. Here are four reasons why. 1. Zika Virus “Due to concerns over the Zika virus, Google Penguin will not be launching today,” according to a Google spokesperson. The Zika virus has reportedly spread to 61 domains where Google operates. “This was not an easy…

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  • Google’s Reptile Disfunction

    … Our woman at Google let slip that there’s a huge issue over at the ‘plex that they’re powerless to deal with. Ever since Seinfeld let slip that Mark Zuckerberg was a lizard person (which he denied, but as we all know, only a lizard person would deny that they’re a lizard person), Google has been hemorrhaging staff to Facebook. Most people…

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  • Google Reverses Course – Now Offers Algorithmic SEO Certification

    … WTFSEO EXCLUSIVE: Google* has just offered up an alternative to disappointed SEO Experts who have been longing for the search engine giant to issue certifications to those desperately in need of thought leadership recognition. After first declaring that Google “has no plans” to develop an SEO certification course program, this latest move is seen…

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  • Four reactions Facebook SHOULD have

    … I’m sure you have all seen the new Facebook reactions that give you options besides the traditional “thumbs up” to indicate that you “like” a post… except perhaps not, since the vast majority of people are still only using the like button to indicate their general acknowledgement of a given post. Be that as it may, WTFSEO would like to humbly…

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  • What is Google RankBrain?

    … Since Google announced RankBrain late last year, the SEO industry has pretty much lost its mind. A barrage of articles, blog posts, and infographics all have promised to properly explain Google’s machine learning system. Yet none really have. If you’re still struggling to understand RankBrain, you aren’t alone. But there’s good news: you now have…

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  • 5 Brain-Imploding Trends That Will Eviscerate Inbound Marketing in 2016

    … What SEO and inbound marketing trends should you, heathen reader, be ready for in 2016? To find out, I sat down with all the biggest experts who happened to be at this particular happy hour I could find. Below are five brain-imploding trends that we agreed will eviscerate inbound marketing as we know it in 2016! #1 – The Rise of Content…

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  • Penguin Update Facts

    … As the world prepares for the landing of Google’s promised upcoming Penguin update (ed – aren’t they flightless?). We here at WTFSEO thought that now was the ideal time to set some things straight, ensuring that all the WTFSEOers out there have all of the facts they need to survive this site crushing update from our Googly lords and masters…

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  • Google Confirms They’ve Updated line 2097 of the Core Algorithm.

    … Rumors have been swirling lately about a possible new Google algorithm update. Several SEOs have been tweeting, posting in forums, and blowing up Owdy chat with stories of how their sites rankings have changed. We reached out to Google for a statement, and our confidential source (Ed – Is that still Ted the janitor?) has confirmed that they did…

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  • Google: Content Is Not A Critical Ranking Signal

    … Another interesting question came up on Owdy Chat last week. The Search Engine Guy said that the content on the page is not as critical for ranking than having an actual functioning website. In short, he explained that the search engine can theoretically rank a page without any content, but without a website for them to crawl, it makes it much…

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  • Twitter Explains Why You Can No Longer Use Words In Tweets

    … Is Twitter seriously removing words from tweets? ? After removing ⭐ and share counts in recent weeks, it seems next ? the chopping block are these oddly-shaped things you’re currently reading – letters that we ? have been combining together for centuries to create ? that convey thoughts. Nearly every ? ? the ? uses ?, except those few who can’t…

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  • SEO Community Reactions To Latest Google Statement

    … “Such Bullshit. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about.” “Duh, we’ve been doing that for years at my company. Hire us.” “But will that work for Bing? Just kidding, who cares about Bing!” “I think I detected an underlying concept that he’s not saying out loud… I’m going to go write a post on an industry blog about what a genius I am…

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  • Case Study: Sharing WTFSEO Posts Increases SEO

    … Here at WTFSEO we know that the most important thing for an SEO specialist to keep track of is correlation. With that in mind, we’re constantly running our own tests so that we can fill our editorial calendar help you, gentle reader, improve your own SEO success. We’re proud to present our case study on social engagement and SEO. Over the past…

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