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    • 2017 B2B Content Marketing Research Analyzed

      Are You Committed To Content Marketing? Corporate commitment to content marketing is key finding of Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs’s 2017 B2B Content Marketing Research. Like any on-going relationship, content marketing requires commitment and work to be successful Lest you think there’s room for anything less than a full commitment, take heed of Content Marketi ...

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    • Audio Content Marketing: 5 Actionable Tips

      3 Reasons You Need Audio Content Are you aware of the power and growth of audio content? I admit I wasn’t. I’m a carless New Yorker. It’s easy for me to overlook the power of drive time radio. But even President Obama has his favorite Spotify list! As content marketers, we often think text-based information first. The message. We then add visual content in all of its various formats.

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  • Missed 2016 Content Marketing Opportunities

    … with sufficient iterations to cause them to take action. Rand Fishkin found that a Moz promotion takes 7-8 impressions before a potential prospect is willing to sign up for a test. We’re so focused on the new and evolving technologies that we forget the established notion of message repetition. It’s Mad Men school advertising. Add to this the fact…

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  • How To Create Must-Read Recurring Content Columns

    … Krugman and David Brooks. Or take a broader view with a regular feature on a category like sports. When I worked at The Economist, the Obituary was the most popular column. No surprise. It’s gossip Economist-style. Regular recurring content columns I wrote a regular biweekly column for ClickZ called Actionable Analysis. I get the power of recurring…

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  • The Essential Blog Success Factor No One Tells You

    … Guide in 2010, I had a one-on-one conversation with Chris Brogan. We were at a soiree on the terrace of a fancy hotel in San Francisco for the launch of his book, Trust Agents. I told him, “I thought that I was too late to the blogosphere in 2006 so I waited until 2010.” At the time I was writing ClickZ’s Actionable Analysis, column. I had a large…

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  • The Secret To Reducing Your Content Creation Time

    … than your original content on your own media. Depending on your goals, this may be acceptable. Take care to not create duplicate content that Google penalizes. Neil Patel recommends that the second publisher use “rel=canonical” in the reprinted content. This helps Google to know the original source. (Check what Google says about canonical URLs…

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  • Orphan Content: Is Your Budget Going Down The Toilet?

    … reassess existing content when you’re writing related or seasonal content. LinkedIn’s Jason Miller did this with his highly successful guide. 3. Add other media formats (where appropriate) Extend your content’s reach to new audiences by transcribing your articles into another media format. For example, Social Media Examiner creates an audio…

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  • Getting to Know Rand Fishkin in a 7,829 Word Interview Transcript!

    … A month ago I started my podcast, and it has already become my all-time favorite project. The guests are just so interesting, candid and inspiring. Our first episode featured Rand Fishkin talking about his journey to entrepreneurship. While there was a good number of downloads/listens of the podcast, I know that many people prefer to consume…

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  • Why Your Brand Needs to Have an Opinion

    … by a unique perspective. GE’s excellent content has been powered by Beth Comstock’s belief that her team has a responsibility to spur innovation by tirelessly reporting on the next-level experiments going on inside the company. Virgin’s content empire has been built on the back of Richard Branson’s unique and irreverent take on the world. Moz has built…

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  • Episode 1: Rand Fishkin

    … Today we get to interview Rand Fishkin. You probably know him as the husband of Geraldine, a hilarious travel blogger. Or perhaps as the Wizard of Moz or as one of the most fashionable men in SEO. I call him a friend and mentor. If you haven’t heard Rand’s story before, then you are in for a treat. Today you will hear about how Rand got his…

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  • The Art of SEO – Book Interview

    … a difference in a lot of people’s businesses and lives. Q: What is the key concept behind your book? Eric Enge: The original concept was one that Rand Fishkin and Stephan Spencer had on one hand, and Jessie Stricchiola separately on the other. O’Reilly put Rand, Stephan, and Jessie together. Then I was the 4th person brought into the overall project…

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  • Why Ambitious Content Is the Only Content That Matters

    … brands enter the content game, they’re not just competing with the other brands in their industry—they’re competing with every other established media brand out there. This realization alone should spur brands to create truly ambitious content. It’s a crowded field, and you’ve got to stand out to win. The pumpkin publisher offered up each one…

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