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  • Portent is Being Acquired

    Blink. Rub your eyes. You didn't read wrong. You didn't stare at yesterday's eclipse through defective glasses. It's true. Portent's in the process of being acquired. Like an avowed bachelor, I swore I Would Never Sell. Then along came the perfect partner. Welcome to Clearlink Our soon-to-be parent company is called Clearlink. They’re a performance marketing company.

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  • Digital Marketing Haiku, Because Why Not?

    … If you can write fast and without standards, don’t stop Til it’s an e-book I have one typo Smarty pants find it. Twitter corrections explode Collections Why you not pay me? Look at your site. It went poof. Now can you pay me? Wistfully we gaze Wondering why you decline To pay this invoice (wrote that in 2015) Conclusion, and Futility I just found out that marketing haiku are not new. My soul empties. The post Digital Marketing Haiku, Because Why Not? appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Marketing Fundamentals Lessons From First-Time Parenting

    2016 was a big year for our family as we welcomed our first child into the world. We have been trying to have children for a while now so it’s been an exciting period in our lives. As a new father, I wanted to be sure that I was doing everything I could to be a good dad. But of course, I haven’t had any prior experience in this area which meant I had to spend some time studying up on fatherhood.

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  • Portent’s Moving!

    … Moving. I tried to come up with an analogy for something that incites misery, throws out your back and reduces you to a gibbering lunatic while forcing you to blog using your phone as a mobile hotspot. But, after much suffering, Portent has moved two blocks south of our old location. Our new address is: Portent, Inc. 307 3rd Ave South, Suite…

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  • 20 Bits of Marketing Jargon, And What They Mean

    … is terrifying. It creates the sense that there’s a mysterious Marketing Black Box. In this post, I’ll list a few particularly opaque phrases, what marketers mean when we say them, and what they actually mean: Authenticity What marketers mean: I want you to throw up in your mouth. True meaning: The term “authenticity” has been beaten to death, cooked, eaten…

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  • I’m Speaking At Pubcon: Where to Find Me

    … an emotional content trigger. There are more subtle ones, though. Jordan Koene and I will fill you in, with Jon Henshaw moderating The post I’m Speaking At Pubcon: Where to Find Me appeared first on Portent. …

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  • What I’ll Do When Google Dies

    …. Party!!!! Take screenshots. I can’t even imagine the advertising chaos that will transpire as Google’s ad network comes back online. We’ll have ads for steak showing up on vegan blogs, DC comics on Marvel sites. It’ll be utter chaos. Thank the gods I’m no longer using Google App Engine. Actually, I am. Excuse me for a minute… Launch a Bing SEO…

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