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  • Penguin 4.0: what does it mean for SEO practitioners?

    As you’re no doubt aware, Google finally rolled out its Google 4.0 algorithm update at the end of last week. Penguin is now part of Google’s core algorithm, penalising websites that use various black-hat link schemes to manipulate search rankings. Other important changes include: Penguin data is refreshed in real time, so any changes will be made as soon as the affected pa ...

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Search Engine Watch- 28 readers -
  • CTR as a ranking factor: what we know so far and how to action it

    For the last two years there has been much discussion and debate around whether click through rate (CTR) is something Google uses to determine where to rank a site. It all began way back when Rand Fishkin did an interesting experiment which provided some evidence behind his theory that CTR is in fact something that could influence rankings.

    Search Engine Watch- 22 readers -
  • Four pillars of SEO management: optimizing content for success

    …. You can also use areas where they are falling short to your advantage. For example, if they are lacking content for a particular buyer persona, you can optimize this content on your own site to draw in a greater percentage of the customers that fit these criteria. It can also be helpful to look at the highest ranking sites for your big keywords…

    Jim Yu/ Search Engine Watch- 19 readers -
  • Images: three optimisation tips to help speed up your site

    … People like fast websites and so does Google. In fact, your website’s speed is a ranking factor in Google search engine results. If your site loads quickly, it’s more likely to appear when people search for your brand. This along with the knowledge that a fast site provides a better user experience (UX), means that a faster website can lead…

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  • Which kinds of links are most valuable for high rankings?

    … links? Four reasons: High ranking. It’s up there right now, so when people look for resources to link to, there it is. It’s a good article. It’s there because it serves a need. It’s also comprehensive which means people don’t need to look elsewhere. Internal links. The sidebar on the homepage links to the post so it continues to accrue…

    Graham Charlton/ Search Engine Watch- 16 readers -
  • Does Google look at anchor text in internal links?

    … Internal linking is a key SEO tactic, one which allows websites to send clear signals to Google on the relative importance of various pages. It also works from a user experience perspective, helping visitors find pages that are relevant or potentially useful to them. It’s something I place great importance on as an editor, as it’s one part…

    Graham Charlton/ Search Engine Watchin Google- 15 readers -
  • 2016 link building survey: five important takeaways

    … Links are still one of the most important ranking factors in Google search. This was confirmed as recently as March, when Andrey Lipattsev, a Senior Quality Senior Strategist at Google, revealed links, content, and RankBrain as the top three most important ranking factors. This wasn’t surprising information (at least to SEOs…

    Search Engine Watch- 16 readers -
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