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  • CTR as a ranking factor: what we know so far and how to action it

    …. Why CTR is not a ranking factor, from Google However, many times when Google, and more specifically Gary Illyses, has been questioned on this we have received the response of the opposite. That Google does not use CTR as a ranking factor due to it being a ‘noisy signal’ and something that could be gamed by spammers. See this response from Gary…

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  • Four pillars of SEO management: optimizing content for success

    …. Brands need to find ways to stand out despite this massive amount of content, and SEO is an important part of that equation. SEO, however, presents problems for many markets and their departments. To begin, convincing those who are not involved with SEO – especially those in the c-suite – of the value of these digital efforts to gain the budget…

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  • Images: three optimisation tips to help speed up your site

    … People like fast websites and so does Google. In fact, your website’s speed is a ranking factor in Google search engine results. If your site loads quickly, it’s more likely to appear when people search for your brand. This along with the knowledge that a fast site provides a better user experience (UX), means that a faster website can lead…

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  • Which kinds of links are most valuable for high rankings?

    …. The most common backlinks are natural Glen found that natural (i.e. earned) backlinks top the chart, which is as it should be. However, the study also found that many high ranking websites have some very low quality backlinks. They are things like forum pages, blog comments, and non-English Blogspot blogs. They’re not earned, but can be easily created…

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  • Does Google look at anchor text in internal links?

    … Internal linking is a key SEO tactic, one which allows websites to send clear signals to Google on the relative importance of various pages. It also works from a user experience perspective, helping visitors find pages that are relevant or potentially useful to them. It’s something I place great importance on as an editor, as it’s one part…

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  • 2016 link building survey: five important takeaways

    …. As cited before, there are many studies showing the value of links, Google continues to stand behind links as a key ranking signal, and SEOs all have first-hand experience with the value of links in ranking. But those all look at the larger picture. It’s near impossible to say definitively how many links, what type of links, and how long after you build…

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