• 4 Steps To Increase Traffic When You Can’t Have Higher Rankings

      When you first look at SEO and its corresponding process, it’s actually deceptively simple. We look for the right target audience, we create and optimize our website to match the audience’s intent, we ensure that Google can find, trust, and index our website, and we eventually strive to increase traffic while having higher rankings.

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  • It’s Time to Stop Saying “Oh S***” When Your Rankings Fluctuate

    …. Know when you should actually be concerned about the fluctuations. The most common example of a sudden ranking fluctuation is when an SEO specialist monitors their Google rankings in the span of a single week and when their original ranking goes down or improves erratically. So, is the sudden fluctuation of your rankings something to worry about…

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  • Your Rankings Won’t Improve Until You Try These Techniques

    …, but their search rankings just would not improve. It is discouraging, to say the least; because you use up a lot of your time, energy, and even money; only to see it wasted. However, I am here to tell you that this is perfectly normal; this is just the natural ‘progression’ of the ever-changing mountain that is SEO. There are still ways in which you can still…

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  • Facebook Has Added Sound to News Feed Videos

    … Facebook has been changing things up a lot for both desktop and mobile users; and the most significant change, in my opinion, is that they are making News Feed Videos play automatically with sound. Here are Facebook’s latest and biggest changes: News Feed Videos Autoplay with Sound Image courtesy of Facebook The norm for Facebook in the past…

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  • Facebook Is Updating Their News Feed Ranking Algorithm

    … currently existing ranking algorithm. Facebook’s Crusade Against Fake News In recent times, specifically during and right after the recently concluded elections for the United States Presidency, Facebook started a campaign to cull illegitimate news sources from their social network. The fight against fake news isn’t entirely new either as Google has…

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  • Clarity Attacks Buzzwordsmithiness On Contact

    … that know how to position and manage themselves as platforms for self-organization can make Google-like growth almost template driven. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, and yesterday my other good friend, Mark Schaefer, was the catalyst. Mark shared the trademarked Palmolive byline, Attacks Grease on Contact. Hence the name…

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  • How Google is Hindering the Organic Growth of Local Startups

    … about 33 percent of the traffic. Traffic drops dramatically after that, with the second result only receiving 18 percent of traffic and the third spot receiving just between 12 and 13 percent. Unfortunately, ranking in the top spots is difficult for local startups, as they are competing for those spots with large, national and international chains…

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  • 7 SEO Key Strategies You Should be Deploying in 2016

    … A few years ago, I wrote that SEO was dead. The title was a bit over the top, but I stand by the content. Google was quickly catching up with an industry that was gaming search engines and resulting in the quality of search engines dropping significantly. They released a series of algorithms that not only made it difficult to manipulate search…

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