Rapid Implementation

  • Deception, Disappointment & Minimum Viable Products – IMP#35

    … about the downsides of this approach? What if your minimal product is too minimal and your early users turn away in disappointment? Isn’t it even deceptive to promise a solution and then only deliver a very minimal concept of one? These are the questions we address in today’s podcast episode… Podcast Audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/imipodcast/035-mvp…

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  • Looking Back at 2014: Power Curves, Teamwork & Mindset Changes

    … of the year – and how it cost us a product launch and possibly 6 figures in revenue. The 2-person combo that we’ve applied to software development and that has been the driver of a lot of our success. Why I’ve become obsessed with the idea of rapid implementation – and how you can apply it to every aspect of your business (and life) to get better results. I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. …

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