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  • New UX updates for Marketing Reports

    … customers continue to use both reporting tools based on their client’s preferences. We’ve had many people that used to use Raven sign back up and request access to the original Report Wizard. We renamed the Report Builder to WYSIWYG Reports because that represents the biggest difference between the two different reporting tools. We plan to provide…

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  • How to Monitor Multiple Social Media Metrics in a Single Dashboard

    Do you manage multiple social media profiles for your business? Looking for an easier way to keep an eye on key social media metrics? Setting up a customized dashboard lets you monitor and report on the performance of your social media platforms in one convenient place. In this article, you’ll discover how to set up a dashboard to track key social media metrics for your business.

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  • How to Create a Minimalist Marketing Report

    … to two or three charts? If you can, ask yourself if there’s a compelling reason to report on more than that? Once you have a good grasp of what can be removed, here are some practical tips for pairing down your report visually. Edit an Existing Report Here’s how you can reduce the noise of an existing Raven marketing report. Delete Secondary…

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  • Bing Ads Arrives in Raven Reports

    … puts them in a stronger position. We know Bing Ads is being widely used since Raven customers consistently ask for the ability to seamlessly report on Bing Ads within Raven reports. And now the wait is over! Starting now, all Raven customers can add Bing Ads data within their Raven reports. How to Report on Bing Ads in Raven Here are the steps…

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  • Video Series: The Ups and Downs of Building an SEO Product from Scratch

    … You may have noticed we’re launching a completely new product. Over the last several months Raven co-founder Jon Henshaw has been pointing the camera at our process. Here’s the story of launching our free, standalone Site Auditor tool product from scratch. Product Launch 1. Introduction 2. Why? 3. Software Engineer Status Update 4. Picking…

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  • What’s New in Raven? Well Another Whole Product For One

    … instances of the word “authorize” to the word “connect” to remove a bit of unneeded jargon. 6. Expanded HTML Reporting Options Some tools previously only allowed you to export the current view as a PDF report. You can now export more views within Raven as either a PDF or a HTML report. As always, we’d love to hear you thoughts on how to make Raven better, and soon, how to make the standalone Site Auditor better! The post What’s New in Raven? Well Another Whole Product For One appeared first on Raven Blog. …

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  • Import AuthorityLabs Rankings into Raven Reports

    … into a scheduled Raven report. After you connect it once, each future scheduled report will pull in the latest from AuthorityLabs. You can set it and forget it the same way you can already connect rankings data directly from Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. And if you are using another data source besides Google, Bing, or AuthorityLabs…

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  • Google Search Analytics Reporting Tool Now Available in Raven

    … It’s never easy to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes. Luckily, Google Search Console (AKA Webmaster Tools) gives us a look at how they see our sites. As marketers, we need to see how users are finding and engaging with our sites through organic searches. And at Raven, we’re always looking for more ways to save you time. That’s why we’re…

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  • Raven’s SEO Website Auditor Now Crawls Up to 10,000 Pages Per Site

    …, or hit the new “Run Crawl” button anytime. No more logging into Raven on Saturday morning to set up that scheduled crawl. Just visit Tool Options > Customize Settings for the date option. 4. Canonical Link Element Support: We added support for the rel=”canonical” tag, which enables SEOs and Webmasters to communicate to Google (and other search…

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  • How to Create a Gorgeous Marketing Report for a Prospect in 15 Minutes

    …/Competitor Manager Raven provides two tools specifically designed to compare one website’s data against several others: Site Performance and Competitor Manager. Site Performance is like Competitor Manager on steroids. While Competitor Manager gives valuable comparative information about backlinks, Alexa rank and other metrics, Site Performance…

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  • The 4 Scariest Places Your Boss Could Show Up

    … for ourselves. Know Raven is committed to giving you time to spare. With Raven you can create marketing reports in minutes, not hours. We can’t guard you against clients or bosses turning scary, but we can guard you against clunky reporting. Happy Halloween! The post The 4 Scariest Places Your Boss Could Show Up appeared first on Raven Blog. …

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  • How to Report on Conversions: A Step-By-Step Guide

    To clients, marketing can seem like a magic trick. You take money and turn it into more money. Regularly reporting on your work is how you demystify that magic. It shows the value of your work. Plus, revealing how your magic tricks work can keep the conversation with clients going, which can lead to more work.

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  • How Raven’s UX Team Brings Your Ideas to Life

    …. However, in this case (and in many others), we are limited by what the external API provides. Data Import Tool Our Data Import Tool creates a workaround not just for Facebook Ads but for any type of data that you can export out as a CSV file, including Call Tracking and scraped keyword data (the other top Raven requests). We developed an early…

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  • Data Import Tool: Bring all your data into Raven Reports

    … You asked for it, and we listened! Here at Raven we pride ourselves on listening to you and giving you the tools you need to give your clients the best possible reports. As Jon said in his Status Report, we spent a significant portion of the last couple of months gauging our customers’ needs through data analysis and direct feedback. One…

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